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Bali Visa Tips: How to Protect Yourself from Visa Scams and Fraudulent Visa Agents

Relocating or migrating to Bali for whatever reason is a big decision to make in a person’s life. This decision can have a huge and permanent impact on your life and your career. Therefore, you certainly do not want to take this issue lightly, especially when it comes to your immigration process and visa application in Bali.

Due to the recent boom of tourism and economy in Bali, visa applications are in high demand in the region. Hence, many visa agents are appearing in Bali. And the sad news is, not all of them are reliable and some are even downright scammers. Many tourists and foreign investors have been targeted by the visa scams and these scammers always come up with new tricks to fool you.

So what is the best defense? It is to get yourself familiar and updated with the latest immigration law in Bali. Cekindo has prepared some tips for you to stay one step ahead of scammers and to protect yourself as much as possible.

Common Bali Visa Scams

Visa scams in Bali change every time and they come in all different styles. Here are some of the common visa scams to you need to look out for in Bali.

Phone and Email Scams

These frauds often will ask money from you for your Bali visa application through phone or email. Keep this in mind: the immigration body in Indonesia will never ask for visa payment over phone or email.

Job Offers that Are Fake

This is one of the most attractive and too-good-to-be-true scams targeted on foreigners. Foreigners who wish to work overseas with new experience always fall into this trap. Scammers usually offer bogus migration sponsorships and employment opportunities in Bali.

Once victims have submitted their personal information and identity to these scammers, these criminals will use the provided info to apply for loans or other illegal activities under a victim’s name.

Want to start a business in Bali? Opening a coffee shop is a great idea.

Request for Money Upfront

Visa scammers will ask for money in advance in exchange for visa or any migration services, before even providing you with any details about the application.

Fake or Unregistered Visa Agents

They promise a 100% visa application success along with fast-track application. In addition to that, they sometimes charge super high fees and tell you that it’s because of the fast process and guaranteed result. Even worse, they will not provide you with any agreement or receipt after the payment.

There are a few things you can pay attention to if you want to spot a fake visa agent easily:

  • They do not have a proper office in Bali
  • They do not have a website with phone number or email address
  • They do not have enough knowledge to answer to your Bali visa enquiry

Tips to Stay Away from Visa Frauds in Bali

bali visa tips

These important tips below will definitely help you to ward off the common visa scams in Bali.

Don’t Believe in Sweet Promises

Those who tell you that any Bali visa approval and overseas job offers are guaranteed are the ones you should avoid like the plague.

Only Use Registered Visa Agents or Services

Shun those self-proclaimed “agents” in Bali that fail to provide you evidence of any accreditation. All legal visa agents in Bali needs to register themselves under the Indonesian Law.

Visa agents registered in Bali such as Cekindo are required to meet registration requirements. We also need to stay updated with the latest immigration law and regulations in Bali.

Confirm Their Identity and Information

Validate the website, phone number, email address, and physical address provided by the visa agents are accurate. Also, make sure the websites they used are not replicated to trick you into believing it is the official website.

Ensure All Process Is in Black and White

Transparency is key here. Avoid those agents who make the application process complex and try to hide something. Always ask for a contract and a payment receipt.

Contact Cekindo’s Visa Agents in Bali

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