Indonesia Work & Business Visas – Latest COVID-19 Regulations & Eligibility 

The government has implemented new regulations to obtain an Indonesia business visa during COVID. Learn more.

The Government has updated its regulation and advisory regarding Indonesia business visa COVID. The latest regulation is based on a Circular Letter Number 0661 issued by Directorate General on Immigration, which states that foreigners who have attained specific visas and stay permits are now eligible to enter Indonesia, however, certain conditions and requirements remain.

The following processes are open for offshore applications (i.e.: overseas applications).

Foreigners who need to travel to Indonesia for the following reasons can now apply for a Single Entry Indonesia Business Visa COVID (SBV).

  • Emergency and urgent work 
  • Business meetings
  • Skills tests
  • Humanitarian reasons (e.g.: visiting/accompanying family members traveling for medical purposes)

Foreigners located overseas who are migrating to Indonesia can apply for the following Limited Stay Visas (also known as a KITAS).

  • Working KITAS*
  • Investment KITAS
  • Family/Dependent KITAS

*In order for Cekindo to proceed with an offshore Working KITAS application, the applicant is required to provide a recommendation letter from the relevant agencies for national strategic projects. This is unlike a foreigner (located in Indonesia) applying for an onshore Working KITAS. Onshore Working KITAS applicants do not have to provide this recommendation letter.

Applicants of both SBV and KITAS should prepare the following required documents for travel to Indonesia.

  • Plane ticket with a departure date
  • Address of residence in Indonesia
  • Supporting documents from your local sponsor letter
  • Passport with a minimum validity of 18 months and 30 months for Working and Investor KITAS respectively
  • Bank Statements with a minimum of 10,000 USD for Visit Visas applicants (except those traveling for medical purposes) and 1,500 USD for KITAS applicants. 
  • Negative RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen test results are no longer required during the application process. However, test results are still required when entering the country. 

Consult with Cekindo for Indonesia Business Visa COVID

Immigration regulations in Indonesia are fast changing due to demand and ever-changing COVID-19 situations. To get the latest updates on Indonesia’s Single Entry Business Visa and KITAS applications, please consult with our Immigration specialists.

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