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Cekindo, the Quality Company of the Year Aims to Promote Indonesia Better

Cekindo, the Quality Company of the Year Aims to Promote Indonesia Better Review by Michal Wasserbauer on 14. 4. 2016 Company Registration in Indonesia, Market Research in Indonesia, Work Permit in Indonesia, Product Registration in Indonesia, Local Partner Selection in Indonesia, Trade Mission in Indonesia, Company Formation in Indonesia, Company Establishment in Indonesia, Company Set Up in Indonesia, Payroll Outsourcing in Indonesia, Tax Reporting in Indonesia, Medical Product Registration in Indonesia, Medical Device Registration in Indonesia, Cosmetic Registration in Indonesia, Food Supplement Registration in Indonesia.
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Established in 2012, Cekindo Business International (previously ‘Cekindo Bisnis Grup’) has rapidly developed as a consulting firm in Indonesia. Provide services for Market-Entry and Corporate Secretarial services.

We have expanded from 3 to 40 employees within 3 years, and serve hundreds of clients from multinational companies. From small and medium enterprises, as well as private entrepreneurs.

With the spirit of professionalism, we assist entrepreneurs from foreign  entities and various industries in their market successfully expanding to Indonesia and beyond.

In third successful years of growth, exactly on 6th November 2015, Cekindo Business International got award a Quality Company of the Year from Indonesia Quality Award Best of the Best 2015.

The honorable award is the result of our hard work and commitment to provide the best service. Best services for our clients in expanding and doing business in Indonesia.

The award makes us always want to provide quality services to all our clients. Because for Cekindo Business International, the trust and client’s success is our priority.

“Quality is one of the essential elements for us as consulting company particularly Market Entry and Market Development Consulting Firm,” said our Head of the Legal and Corporate Law Depart, Nurmia Agustina in her speech.

Cekindo Business International also aims to support the investment climate in Indonesia, to promote better Indonesia. Because we believe that Indonesia is a potential market for investors. As the biggest archipelago and the third largest democracy in the world, enriched with a high value of commodities. Indonesia is able to strengthen its position in a business sector as a strong global player.

With the trust and responsibility  that have been placed in us, Cekindo Business International is committed to always consistently provide the best and fastest service for all parties.

Here you can see short video from the Award Night.

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