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Blog: Cekindo Updates

Cekindo Has Officially Partnered with InCorp Group

Posted 8.01. 2019 by Cekindo

We are thrilled to announce that PT Cekindo Bisnis Grup has been acquired by InCorp Group, a leading corporate services company in Asia Pacific, with headquarters in Singapore. The acquisition took place on 21 December 2018. Due to this acquistion, our operations have been transferred from previously PT Cekindo Bisnis Grup to now PT Cekindo …

Business Consulting in Semarang for Free

Posted 27.11. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 29.11. 2018

To boost entrepreneurship in Semarang, Cekindo is giving 30-minute business consulting for free to anybody who visits our office on Wednesdays from 1 till 5 pm. Thanks to our broad scope of services and seven years of experience on the Indonesian market, our team consisting of business consultants and lawyers is ready to assist you with any …

Cekindo at Vitafoods Asia 2018 as Regulatory Expert for Indonesian Market

Posted 27.09. 2018 by Cekindo

On 11-12 September 2018, one of the biggest industry meetups in Asia, namely the Vitafoods Asia 2018, took place at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapore. As a leading consulting company in Indonesia, Cekindo was invited as regulatory expert for Indonesian market. More than 200 international exhibitors were present to showcase the latest …

A Brand New Service from Cekindo: Market Consulting Package

Posted 3.07. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 27.09. 2018

We are proud to announce that Cekindo has prepared a brand new service called the Market Consulting Package with the following objectives to help investors: Better examine the market potential of Indonesia. Develop a more comprehensive understanding of the sociocultural conditions of Indonesia. Assist investors in determining risks and challenges associated with their Indonesian expansion …

Cekindo Activities on November 2016

Posted 22.11. 2016 by Cekindo , last update on 18.09. 2018

Marmon EcoWater Trade Conference Marmon Ecowater Systems offer a high technology water cleaner whether for households and also for corporate sectors which has been established since 1925. This company is managed under The Marmon Group / Berkshire Hathaway Company. Cekindo has helped Marmon to expand its EcoWater Systems business to Indonesia, we have assisted Marmon in …

Why Global Companies Cooperate with Cekindo Business International

Posted 6.10. 2016 by Cekindo , last update on 3.01. 2019

We were thinking why our clients and partners decided to collaborate with us. Because there is no better way to find out the answers – we asked them directly, and here are their answers: The first person we asked was Mr. Michal Jerabek, Business Partner, Sedbergh, Ltd. • Why did you decide to cooperate with Cekindo? …

Cekindo Has Delivered a Presentation About Product Registration in Indonesia at Health Ingredients South East Asia Exhibition.

Posted 18.04. 2016 by Cekindo , last update on 18.09. 2018

Cekindo had a great opportunity to deliver a presentation about health industries and product registration in Indonesia at Health Ingredients South East Asia Exhibition. Cekindo’s Head of the Legal and Corporate Law Department, Nurmia Agustina was invited as a keynote speaker. And it’s held at the second day of seminar on April 6, 2016, in the …

Cekindo, the Quality Company of the Year Aims to Promote Indonesia Better

Posted 14.04. 2016 by Cekindo , last update on 3.01. 2019

Established in 2012, Cekindo Business International (previously ‘Cekindo Bisnis Grup’) has rapidly developed as a consulting firm in Indonesia. Provide services for Market-Entry and Corporate Secretarial services. We have expanded from 3 to 40 employees within 3 years, and serve hundreds of clients from multinational companies. From small and medium enterprises, as well as private entrepreneurs. …

Cekindo Business International Welcomes 3E Accounting Pte.Ltd as A New Partner

Posted 5.04. 2016 by Cekindo , last update on 3.01. 2019

In order to strengthen our business network, Cekindo Business International (previously ‘Cekindo Bisnis Grup’) as a leading consulting firm of business services in Indonesia congratulates and welcomes new partner 3E Accounting Pte Ltd. 3E Accounting Pte Ltd is a leading company headquartered in Singapore, one of the few first-world countries in Asia, with a highly …

First Steps and Characteristics of Doing Business in Indonesia

Posted 20.09. 2013 by Michal Wasserbauer , last update on 19.10. 2018

What are the first steps and characteristics of doing business in Indonesia was the topic for one of our Principal Consultants, Mr Michal Wasserbauer, during an interview by the biggest online job portal in the Czech Republic? Why did he decide to start a business and how difficult is it doing business in another country like …