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Why Coworking Spaces are Much Better than Local Coffee Shops in Jakarta

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We are so blessed to exist in this era when work can be done remotely. According to Forrester Research, there are more than 375 millions of mobile and remote workers all over the world. Where are these people working then? Many freelancers and startups initially work from their home office. Some of them choose a café over home to concentrate on their work. There is another option though: the coworking space, especially for those residing in Jakarta.

If you are part of the thriving tribe of digital nomads or remote workers in Jakarta, you may also find that coworking spaces are great alternatives as compared to local coffee shops.

Why is a coworking space more appealing than a local coffee shop in Jakarta? We will tell you all the reasons you need to know in this article, so that you can make an informed decision by moving your business from your home office or a local café to a coworking space.

Why Coworking Spaces are Better

Quality High-speed Internet Connection

Nobody wants an unstable, slow and spotty internet connection. An unreliable Internet connection can be extremely frustrating especially when you need to upload files and send documents to your clients.

This is often a problem when you work in a local coffee shop. The reason is simple: you are accessing the same internet connection with everyone else in the coffee shop who is not really working. They usually use the shared Internet to watch online movies, download large files and indulge themselves in social platforms – slowing down the Internet connection greatly.

But you will definitely not encountering this kind of issue at a coworking space. Coworking spaces are equipped with reliable and high-speed WIFI that can accommodate large usage without compromising its performance.

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Tranquility and Peace

If you want a quiet and peaceful spot where you can stay glued to your work for long, uninterrupted stretches, a coworking space is the way to go. This is also one of the most important factors why a coworking space is much better than your local coffee shop.

At a coworking space, your creative juices can flow more easily and your productivity can increase significantly due to the quiet ambience. In a café, you will probably lose your focus every 5 minutes when customers walk in and out of the café; when the barista starts grinding the coffee with the loud machine; or people laughing and chatting while enjoying their time with their friends and family. This could be detrimental to your performance, especially when you are on a deadline trying to craft a proposal or business plan.

Complimentary Refreshment

For some entrepreneurs, refreshment, like snacks or coffee, gives them a daily jolt of energy to work and help stimulate their brains for creative works. If you are the person we are talking about here, you do not need to sacrifice your daily cup of joy to work at a coworking space.

Here is the perk: you can get your coffee fix at a coworking space without even paying for a dime. The money you save from not buying the expensive latte at local coffee shops can be put into your business for growth.

If you don’t like the coffee provided by your coworking space, you can bring your favourite coffee beans and make your own in the shared pantry.

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