coworking space in jakarta for graphic design business

How a Graphic Design Business can Thrive in a Coworking Space

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You have just started your graphic design business in Jakarta, and so, where are you going to work? Most startups first choose to run their business from home, but then after some time their home offices become unfit when the startups are growing. Furthermore, as a graphic designer, you will want to interact with like-minded people for inspiration and creative ideas, won’t you? Home offices may work out pretty well at first but you will soon realise that you will start to stagnate at home without real human interaction, and you lack the space to meet your clients in person professionally. So here’s a better way to solve all these issues: coworking space. Coworking spaces are not something new. You can find a coworking space in Jakarta everywhere.

Coworking spaces are appealing to graphic designers as it fosters productivity and collaboration in a creative social environment. Here are the reasons why a coworking space is your solid choice and how it can help your graphic design business prosper in Jakarta, before expanding to other cities in Indonesia.

Coworking Space is Ideal for Graphic Design Business in Jakarta

coworking space in jakarta for graphic design business

You’re with the Like-minded People

You will complete your work much more efficiently when you work with like-minded people. These people with diverse knowledge background also provide constructive ideas and suggestions with effective communications, thus increasing the odds for you to find the best solutions.

Cost Effective

A startup’s overhead can get expensive really quickly if you are committed to the long-term traditional office space. However with just a much smaller amount of money, you can enjoy a professional and comfortable environment with everything you need to operate your business: high-speed Internet, lounges, hi-tech conferencing equipment, daily cleaning, etc.

Networking Opportunities

Sooner or later you will know that a coworking space is a far better place than a 3-day conference for you to network and mingle with other professionals from different fields. Designers’ creative juice will flow more easily when they get to share knowledge and ideas with other entrepreneurs.

Leads Generation

Leads are key when it comes to growing your graphic design business. Your business will get more exposure through networking and participating in different events in a co-working space. Besides, in a zero-pressure environment, you may even meet members who can work with you long-term, such as copywriter, web designer, and grow your team.

Flexible Solution

Flexibility is one of the reasons entrepreneurs choose coworking spaces. A coworking space allows you to achieve work-life balance which is critical to most people nowadays. You can choose to come into the coworking space and work long hours when you’re especially creative and productive on some days; or you can choose to take a break if you want to in order to prevent burnout.


Many small business owners begin to realise the value of a community in a coworking space. You’ll feel a sense of belonging through interactions with people you meet at a coworking space and these people value your work just like you value theirs.

The kitchen, breakout rooms and lounges at coworking spaces make you feel more chilled and more at home. The sense of belonging via a community in a coworking space is the foundation for persistence and ultimately the success of your business.

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