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How do You Start A Spa Business in Bali?

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 18 September 2019
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If you dream of doing business in Bali by starting your own spa business, now may be the perfect time to do so. In 2018, there were more than 6.5 million foreign visitors flocking to Bali, making tourism industry grow at an exponential rate, particularly in accommodations, fitness and wellness industries.

While running a successful spa business in Bali is not as simple as it may sound, it can be extremely rewarding in terms of its future prospects. According to the Negative Investment List (NIL), a spa business is not listed in this regulation and thus, foreigners can have as much as 100% ownership of a spa with PT PMA in Bali.

Global Wellness Institute has also reported that there are now 21,595 spas in 210 countries all over the world, including Indonesia. The earning is even more shocking: approximately US$77.6 billion a year. This growth of spa business has shown no sign of ceasing due to the increasing health awareness.

Before you go ahead with the spa business setup in Bali, like any other businesses, you must consider the things written in this guide to have a smooth entrepreneurial sail!

spa business in bali

Doing Business in Bali: What to Prepare for Your Spa Business

Get Your Space and Equipment Ready

Your spa environment must feel safe and comfortable for your customers. Always make sure that you meet the quality and safety regulations in Indonesia to ensure a flawless performance.


Here’s a checklist to get your spa facilities in order:

  • Test and make sure you have a functional music system
  • Validate your equipment and machines are working properly
  • Adequate installation of POS and inventory systems
  • The exit and fire safety equipment of your premise are visible, working and clearly marked
  • Ensure safe and functional electrical system
  • First-aid kits are available

Prepare a Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy should already be in place before the first day of your spa operation. The strategy can include the following items:

  • Posts on social media to create anticipation before the opening
  • Flyers distribution
  • Local ads
  • Networking with local communities, organizations and clubs
  • Discounts and promotions on the first day or certain period to attract customers

Have Administrative Capacities

A spa setup has paperwork, licenses and mundane administrative tasks to deal with. These tasks are critical as they can actually be detrimental to your business if you fail to handle them properly.

You should make sure these administrative tasks below are well taken care of:

  • All accounting records such as receipts and invoices are kept well
  • Relevant business licenses and permits are displayed accurately
  • Proper leasing agreement
  • Property insurance

If your business does not have the capacity to perform these tasks in an effective manner, consider outsourcing to a third party.

Other factors you should consider before the grand opening of your spa business:

  • Employee licenses and employment contracts
  • Trained customer service representative and employees
  • Work safety and hygiene requirements
  • Employee payroll and benefits with proper accounting system
  • Financial projections for your business
  • Company’s bank account
  • Qualified accountants and consultants for tax reporting

Requirements for Setting up a Spa Business in Bali

You need to also consider the requirements for setting up a spa business in Bali. In general, the requirements are summarised as follows:

  • Sufficient space for equipment, classes and activities
  • A lease period of at least three years
  • Certificates
  • Building permit depending on the building function
  • Company registration costs: depending on your choice to set up a PT PMA or a local company PT
  • Relevant tourism licenses and local licenses

How Cekindo Can Help

Other than the tips Cekindo has provided for your spa business in Bali to start and thrive, you will also need to choose an experienced consultant to work with to solidify your business success.

With a team of professional consultants and legal experts, Cekindo is here to assist you with company registration process in Bali as well as securing necessary permits and licenses, among others.

Reap the rewards of running your spa business in Bali, start by getting in touch with us now. Fill in the form below or visit us on-site in Badung.

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