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Back-Office Hotel Accounting Outsourcing: Key to Successful Hotel Operations

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There has been a huge shift in the hospitality industry in recent years as an increasing number of hotels have started to outsource many of their back-office tasks including hotel accounting. This is definitely not surprising because accounting outsourcing service helps in improving the structure of your entire business in Indonesia.

Thanks to the ever-developing technology, it enables hotel owners to transform their operations and come up with new ways to streamline their back-office tasks through outsourcing.

With that, more time and money are saved, allowing hotel owners to dedicate their time on providing guests with quality services.

Handling the hotel accounting is not easy as you require a team of real professionals who can lead your business to the right direction, ensuring that your business expenses are always below your revenue.

What is more, hotel accounting requires a pair of eagle eyes to capture all the potential mistakes and discrepancies that may lead to non-compliance with Indonesia tax law.

Therefore, outsourcing your accounting service is the best way to run a successful hotel business and we’ll tell you why in this article.

Back-Office Hotel Accounting Outsourcing in Indonesia: Key to Successful Hotel Operations

accounting outsourcing indonesia

Focused Employees

Focus, accuracy and precision are the elements that are required in hotel accounting.

However, when employees need to handle their jobs on hand and still need to deal with the hotel accounting task, they may not be able to focus on any of them due to distraction. Distracted employees mean possible errors in your accounting.

By outsourcing your accounting, not only that you pass your accounting job to good hands, you also have a more focused team of employees who can perform well on their own tasks.

Accounting Expertise

Not only can you have more focused employees by outsourcing your hotel accounting, but you can also have opportunities to access highly-skilled accounting specialists with deep knowledge and experience – something that you will not find in your in-house team.

Cost Savings

One of the driving forces for many businesses to adopt accounting outsourcing service is financials and costs.

Accounting outsourcing can bring about significant cost savings due to lower overhead of internal employees, greater efficiencies and professional support from the accounting firm.

Access to High-Tech Hotel Accounting Tools

Accounting outsourcing not only enables you to gain access to highly-experienced accountants, but it also allows you to access to the superior and high-tech tools in the industry.

These top tools that are uniquely designed for and utilised in the hotel business.

So if a hotel only has a small in-house accounting department, they often are not equipped with the latest accounting tools to stay on top of the industry.

Downscale or Upscale

Scalability, downscale or upscale, is one of the reasons that most hotels outsource their accounting.

For example, if you sell some of your hotels due to economic downturn, you will not have a full team of in-house accounting staff doing nothing and you still have to pay them salaries every month.

Accounting outsourcing firms can easily cater to your accounting needs regardless of whether your accounting workloads increase or decrease.

Why Outsource Accounting to Cekindo

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Cekindo’s accounting outsourcing process will help you rid the burden of complex accounting tasks, gain access to expertise and understand the accounting functionality – so that you can have a clearer financial picture of your business.

Our accounting experts are highly competent with Indonesian accounting regulations and can guide you every step of the way.

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