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The Most Common Questions about Indonesian Working KITAS Answered

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Having a job lined up or going to start a business in Indonesia? Chances are if you are going to work in Indonesia, it also means that you will need to stay in Indonesia as well. Then, you are going to need a working KITAS, also known as a working visa or a temporary stay permit, for your to legally work and stay in Indonesia at the same time.

Cekindo always has the most updated information about Indonesian Working KITAS. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the most common questions with answers on working KITAS. Whether you are a company or an individual looking to work and stay in Indonesia, read on.

Is it possible to apply for a working KITAS outside Indonesia?

No, it is not. The working KITAS application process can only start upon your arrival in Indonesia. However, Cekindo’s clients have often opted for the work permit initiation process first, which you can do overseas as a pre-KITAS application.

Once I have obtained my working KITAS for the company in which I am employed, can I have a part-time job at another company as well?

If you do not want to face serious sanctions, such as being deported by the Indonesian immigration, you must not do that. Holding a working KITAS does not mean that you can have different jobs at the same time in Indonesia. In accordance with the Indonesian Law, a foreigner is only permitted to work at one company and hold only one position.

Is it compulsory to have a university degree related to the field or the position that I apply for in Indonesia?

One of the main reasons that the Indonesian government allow companies to hire foreign employees is because of the lack of certain skills and qualifications. Therefore, they prefer highly-skilled and qualified foreigners and a university degree is always the requirement. The degree does not have to be in the exact same field, a degree in a related or similar field is often considered as well. Otherwise, you will need at least 5 years of relevant work experience from your previous jobs.

Is there an age limit for working KITAS application?

The recommended age for working KITAS is under 57 years old, based on Government Regulation Number 45 Year 2015 concerning Pension Security Program Implementation. Interested applicants above such age may still attempt to apply for working KITAS by subjecting to the policy from issuing institution.

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What is the validity for working KITAS?

The validity of working KITAS varies depending on the type of company that sponsors you, as well as the position you hold at the company. If you go for a managerial position at a local company, you will probably get a non-extendable 6-month working KITAS. If you are going to serve as a commissioner or director in a foreign-owned company, you will get a 12-month working KITAS, which can be extended for a maximum of 5 times.

Is it allowed to convert my spouse KITAS to a working KITAS?

No, you cannot convert your spouse KITAS to a working KITAS. You can only apply for a working KITAS after you have got your work permit.

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What is the required minimum days you need to stay in Indonesia if I am on a working KITAS?

There is actually no required minimum days you need to stay in Indonesia to maintain your working KITAS, according to the Indonesian Law. However, do keep in mind you will not be allowed to leave the country for a few weeks during the application process.

Is KITAP an option once I have held the KITAS for several years?

While not all KITAS holders are eligible for a KITAP application, we’d like to tell you that a KITAP actually offers more benefits than a KITAS. One of the criteria for you to be qualified for a KITAP is to hold KITAS 4 times consecutively, with a work permit as a commissioner or a director in a foreign-owned company in Indonesia.

How Cekindo Can Help with Your KITAS Application in Indonesia

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