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When A Meeting Venue Matters for Your Business in Jakarta

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 21 November 2019
  • 4 minute reading time

In the business world, especially in a country like Indonesia and a big city like Jakarta, it could not be truer that first impression is critical and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Meetings are best done in a professional meeting venue in order for your business to remain competitive in Indonesia. Everything from access to documents and administrative assistance to meeting scheduling, your prospective clients are looking to work with a business that shows professionalism. When it comes to scheduling a meeting, it may be a time-consuming task for aspiring entrepreneurs. This is because each meeting is different and has its own agenda, therefore, not only that you need to find a time that works for both parties, but you also have to consider the meeting location, time, technology to ensure the meeting works out productively and professionally. By opting for a meeting room at a virtual office in Jakarta, all the details mentioned will be taken care in a seamless and a very affordable manner.

In this article, we will talk about some aspects why a meeting venue matters for your business.

Meeting Venue from Virtual Office in Jakarta: The Functions

Business Negotiations

A great business owner knows that a negotiation meeting is done to ensure objectives of all business parties are satisfied in the business process. A negotiation will not work unless a meeting venue of where the meeting is conducted is without interruption.

Your negotiation may be jeopardised if any sorts of complication arise and a deal agreement may not be reached. Therefore, a meeting room of a virtual office in Jakarta offers both business parties a neutral meeting environment without the home-court benefit that would lead one party to have more advantage than the other.

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Job Interviews

An interview done in a professional setting is important for both the employer and the candidate. This is because when the employer is figuring if the candidate is fit for the job, the candidate is also evaluating the employer to decide if this is the right company they are looking for. As a result, your interview environment should show your business professionalism and provide a neutral setting to avoid distractions and misconceptions from on-site company meeting rooms.

Meetings for Remote Staff

Remote employees need a meeting room of a virtual office to meet their coworkers and clients in person. This is definitely a much better option for remote employees compared to environments in a home office or public coffee shops, presenting a more professional image and increasing meeting efficiency and productivity.

Cekindo’s virtual office in Jakarta offer meeting rooms that come with a premium business address and are located in a prime area for easy access and convenience.

hint idea - iconThe most interesting fact about remote working is it can significantly boost work productivity. Check The Important Role of Remote Workers in Boosting Company Productivity to learn more.


virtual office jakarta - meeting venue

Testimonies and Depositions

Virtual offices are of great help to many attorneys and legal professionals for testimonies and depositions. Depositions are oral statements given by witnesses under oath outside the court. A deposition is a necessary part of a legal trial and that is why a neutral meeting environment is of utmost importance.

In a neutral and more comfortable virtual office meeting room, witnesses feel more at ease, allowing them to provide more detailed, accurate and useful information. The information is critical to the trial as it determines the attorney’s legal strategy.

How Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Jakarta is Perfect for Your Meetings

If you are currently expanding your business in Jakarta, we always have the perfect virtual office solution for you.

Your business now has the ability to conduct meetings in a beautiful and efficient office environment with our on-demand, professional and fully equipped meeting rooms.

Establish a presence in Jakarta now by buying our virtual office. In addition to Jakarta, Cekindo also has virtual offices in desirable locations such as Bali and Semarang to help catapult your business to the next level!

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