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Is it Time for an Office Upgrade in 2020? Understand the Signs

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It is often a tough decision for business leaders to upgrade or revamp their office space when doing business in Indonesia.

However, office upgrades are sometimes inevitable in order to keep your costs low and to accommodate your employees when your team grows.

What is more, an office upgrade is necessary when other parts of your business functions fluctuate in the long run.

As a result, a new office upgrade is considered an investment especially when the office solutions provide you with flexible plans in terms of leasing periods and facilities provided.

You should always opt for an office space that works anytime when you want to expand or shrink your business operations.

So how do you know you have reached the point of upgrading your office? Here are the signs that perhaps the year 2020 is the time for an office upgrade for your business.

Time for an Office Upgrade in 2020: The Obvious Signs

1. You Want to Elevate Your Professional Image

Meeting your customers and partners in person is unavoidable when your business expands.

Therefore, ergonomic seating, high-tech video conferencing and projectors, and cozy meeting environments are all essentials to impress your stakeholders.

A flexible office solution such as a serviced office from Cekindo can help you boost your clients’ confidence about your business when they first step into your office.

A serviced office provides all the facilities and services you need to close a business deal.

2. You Need to Upsize Your Workforce

You should always find your perfect office space before proceeding with the hiring, especially when you want to scale up your business in a prominent location.

This is because during the hiring process, you will have to have a decent interview venue instead of opting for a café or a hotel lobby.

You will give a more positive impression and confidence to your potential hires with the optimal office space. They will feel more inspired and motivated to work for your company – the first impression is everything.

Virtual offices, coworking spaces and serviced offices allow you to use on-demand meeting rooms or conference rooms instantly when you need them.

3. You Require the Latest Technology

The latest technology may be the most important factor that enables your employees to perform effectively.

If the technology at your office space is not optimised for their productivity and efficiency, your company’s profit is going to suffer.

Flexible office spaces of 2020 mean that you will have to be able to connect and communicate to your clients and employees anytime, anywhere around the world.

In addition to that, high-speed video conferencing technology and voice-enabled equipment are vital to enhance your productivity and reduce downtime.

4. Your Productivity Abates

When your productivity deteriorates, it is a tell-tale sign that your business is going to suffer as well.

Therefore, elements that affect the employees’ productivity must all be rectified. These productivity-lowering causes are crowded office spaces, insufficient lighting, disturbing noises, poor internet speed, stressful working environment, etc.

A flexible office space is here to help resolve all these issues. They are maintained and upgraded by professionals to make sure that you and your team will have a motivating, uncluttered and relaxing work environment that heightens your productivity to the maximum.

Office Space Solutions in Indonesia from Cekindo

At Cekindo, we offer a variety of flexible office solutions for entrepreneurs, startups, professionals, and established businesses whenever you want to upsize or revamp your office space in Indonesia.

Our offices are located in prominent regions of Indonesia and are available on flexible terms according to your requirements.

Our flexible office spaces also come with various hot-desking solutions to businesses on the go, including virtual office packages, meeting rooms, latest technology solutions and other pay-as-you-use services.

Cekindo maintains a very high degree of professionalism to ensure you enjoy all the cutting-edge office services with a peace of mind.

Visit us now for a tour and see what office upgrades are best-suited for your business. Or, talk to us online first by filling in the form below.

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