5 Myths about PEO in Indonesia You Must Not Believe

5 Myths about PEO in Indonesia You Must Not Believe

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Starting a business in Indonesia is not difficult but it has its fair share of challenges due to its competitive business environment. Therefore, smart entrepreneurs understand the value of their precious time and money.

Instead of overloading their employees with mundane HR tasks and employee responsibilities that come with the growth of their business, these companies choose to use a PEO to retain talent, ensure compliance, and consistent performance.

PEO is known as the Professional Employer Organisation and another name for PEO is Employee Leasing Companies. PEO allows businesses to outsource their HR-related functions and employs the workers for different companies on their behalf. PEO comes with a lot of benefits but still, some myths persist. Here are some of them.

Do not Believe These 5 Myths about PEO in Indonesia

5 Myths about PEO in Indonesia

Myth #1: I Need to Let My HR Team Go

Having PEO support doesn’t mean that you need to fire your in-house HR team. Instead, with the help of a professional PEO in Indonesia, your HR team will have more time to focus on strategic activities.

It is because a PEO can handle all taxing administrative tasks such as payroll, benefits, employee compensations, and insurances, which most HR employees are overwhelmed when dealing with them.

Furthermore, these administrative responsibilities do require knowledge of the latest regulations to keep the organisation in compliance.

Myth #2: I Have No Control over My Business

Understandably, you fear losing control of your business if you delegate HR tasks to a PEO. This is untrue. With a PEO to handle employee taxes, wages, benefits, and other HR functions, you can put more focus on your core businesses.

You act as a co-employer with the PEO in Indonesia and are in charge of controlling the company direction and staff. The major benefit of working with a PEO is that you get to avoid all unnecessary employee risks and legal complications, as well as eliminating the employee duties.

Myth #3: I Don’t Have a Say of Who to Hire or Fire

A PEO doesn’t make you lose the power of deciding who you can hire or fire. It is just that with the assistance and advice from the PEO specialist, you will get more accurate, faster, and more sound decisions when it comes to employee hiring and firing.

The PEO will advise you on all related labour law and employment law which may affect your hiring and firing decisions significantly – this is how you make sure that you are not out of compliance.

Myth #4: My Employees Are Only Temporary

Companies often believe the myth that employees hired through PEO are considered temporary due to the reason that PEO is a temporary HR and staffing service provider.

But, this is not the case. The PEO is not the sole employer of your employees. Rather, they also act as a co-employer like you and manage your employees.

Myth #5: Employees Won’t Like the Change

There is no such thing as employees leaving the company as the company partner with a PEO.

Your employees will probably be more thrilled as they will have access to benefits that are only available to large corporate or multinational companies. These benefits include competitive health insurance and retirement packages, and other benefit plans.

How Cekindo can Assist

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