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Working with A Recruitment Agency in Indonesia: Tips to Follow

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For a long time, hiring managers in businesses are not fond of the term “recruitment agency”. However, there has been a huge change and many companies are now resorting to recruitment agencies. Now, businesses in Indonesia, see a recruitment agency as more of a partner than just a simple service provider.

So, why the shift? When employers are hiring new employees, the entire recruitment process can be time-consuming and costly. Therefore, many people have now left it in the hands of professionals. The cost of hiring can be hefty including the training expense and lost productivity.

Furthermore, a good portion of the cost is definitely in the hiring process itself, for instance, time spent for meetings and interviews, background checking, screening, and advertising, among many others. The HR department needs to start the process all over again for every new candidate.

A recruitment agency is beneficial for all businesses especially when employers’ time and human resources are stretched thin. By using a recruiter, you are actually building a relationship with the recruiter so they understand what it is exactly you are looking for in your candidates.

As a result, the professional recruitment consultant is able to match the right talent to the most suitable position in your company. If you consider using a recruitment agency in Indonesia to get the job done, you must follow the tips in this article to make sure that you get the most out of it.

Working with Recruitment Agency in Indonesia: Tips to Follow

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Assist Recruiters in Understanding Your Hiring Needs

Before starting a recruitment process, your recruiter must have an understanding of your hiring needs.

Therefore, you have to express your requirements to the recruiter such as job title, key responsibilities, and the reason for the hiring.

Sit down with your recruitment team for discussion to prevent any future headaches.

Be Involved in the Process from the Very Beginning

Always be prepared when it comes to hiring. If you have already known that you need to hire someone in a few months, do not wait until the last minute to tell your recruiter.

Tell them as soon as possible and have frequent meetings with them in the early stage to ensure that the company and the recruitment agency are all on the same page.

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Join in the Candidate Sourcing Process

If you partner with a recruiter, it does not mean that only the recruitment agency should do all the sourcing. As an expert in your industry, you may know where most of your candidates hang out online or offline than your recruiter.

If that is the case, you can share the websites, job boards, social platforms and professional groups at where your candidates are with your recruiters to target the right candidate and speed up the hiring process.

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Why Outsource Recruitment in Indonesia to Cekindo

The dynamic economy in Indonesia is the market Cekindo knows best. We focus our business development efforts in this region and all over Indonesia without limiting our recruitment search geographically.

For a fraction of what you would spend in terms of time and money to recruit the best candidates on your own, Cekindo constantly identifies and screens talent across the globe.

When you outsource recruitment to Cekindo, we make sure that our services are tailored to your needs and you will have more resources to concentrate on running your business.

Once you pick your candidate, we are also able to continue our support such as employee on-boarding assistance to get your new employee up to speed and allow your company to perform well.

Reach out to Cekindo by filling in the form below. We look forward to working with you.

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