RPO Indonesia: How It Helps Attract Top Talent

How Recruitment Process Outsourcing Helps Attract Top Talent in Indonesia

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There is a huge pool of talent available, but many companies in Indonesia still find it hard to get the right talent.

One of the possible reasons is that a great number of organisations in Indonesia do not have the proper tools and resources to help them manage their talent recruiting and acquisition functions.

When many business owners finally realised that recruitment activities eat up a huge portion of their time and revenue, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) was born.

RPO is becoming increasingly popular and here are some major ways RPO services help attract top talent in Indonesia.

How RPO services help attract top talent in Indonesia

1. Recruitment Process is Shorter

Commonly, companies lose a lot of potential candidates due to a lengthy recruitment and application process.

Most people are impatient and that’s why a candidate can quickly lose interest in the position or your company and seek opportunity in another firm.

Time is precious for both employers and employees. So if you can’t accelerate your recruitment process, outsource it to professionals.

2. Job Scope is Clear

By working together with the employer, an RPO provider is able to identify the duties and responsibilities related to a particular position.

They also set out the employer’s expectations of their employees and effectively communicate them to the potential hire.

A full understanding of what the job is along with the expectations, candidates will be more interested and motivated to join your company.

3. Training Provision and Recognition

Aspiring candidates and top talents are always seeking ways to grow and improve personally and professionally.
More often than not, a lot of them will soon be bored and feel uninspired in the same position if the job feels unchanged or like a routine for them.

Therefore, it is critical to engage in an RPO professional to implement necessary training and recognition programs to motivate employees. This allows employees to know that employers recognize and appreciate their efforts and will be glad that they grow together with the company.

4. Effective Advertising

One of the best ways to stand out from your competitors and win the perfect talent is to pay attention to advertising.

Effective and smart advertising includes making your firm appear on top of the search engine result page and is visible on the social media platform.

A reputable RPO firm will be able to enhance your company visibility through a smart advertising strategy to obtain the right talent.

5. Salary, Compensation, Benefits, and Other Policies

By having a highly attractive salary and benefits package in place, you will make your firm one of the dream companies that candidates want to work at.

Other than that, you need to create a safe workplace for all employees, especially female workers, by strengthening the policies.

An RPO in Indonesia can help you come out with packages and policies as well as communicating them in detail to your employees.

Recruitment Outsourcing in Indonesia with Cekindo

Cekindo has been delivering cost-effective and innovative solutions for RPO in Indonesia for many years.

We have partnered with a variety of industries and clients from both government agencies and private sectors to enhance their recruitment function.

Our team of highly professional specialists focus on helping you to recruit, screen, and retain candidates that fit well with your company’s vision, mission, and culture.

Here are the benefits of using Cekindo’s RPO in Indonesia:

  • We have a team of HR specialists who have expertise in labour law and HR functions in Indonesia
  • You don’t have to worry about not being updated on the latest law changes, we ensure full compliance
  • We have an extensive network of talent that can fulfill all your hiring needs
  • Our services are comprehensive, covering advertising, vetting, due diligence, interviewing, shortlisting, and hiring

Cekindo works together with you to lay out your recruitment strategy in full with best practices. Contact Cekindo today via the form below and find out if RPO is for you.

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