an in-depth look into types of offices in semarang

An In-Depth Look into Offices in Semarang

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Ranging from co-working spaces to virtual offices; private offices to serviced offices, the working environment is a hot topic in this modern era.

A significant number of people have left the typical cubicles behind. With many office options emerging, Cekindo is now providing an in-depth look into the concepts of different offices and where to find these offices in Semarang.

Choosing the right office space can make a huge difference in overall company success, that’s why you should never underestimate its role.

What do These Popular Offices Have in Common?

As mentioned above, co-working spaces, virtual, private and serviced offices are a rising global trend, and it is no longer a new phenomenon in Semarang as well.

While renting one of these offices in the capital of Central Java, you will have access to these amenities:

  • Reception service or professional receptionist to assist you
  • Call, email, and mail handling services
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Meeting facilities such as a conference room, meeting room for informal conversations or formal appointments
  • Available office equipment such as a printer and scanner
  • Access to resting area or kitchen
  • Cleaning and maintenance services
  • On-site parking

Find Your Ideal Concept of Office Space

Virtual Office

As long as there is a decent Internet connection, a virtual office allows all involved parties to work from any location globally. The process of a company set up in Semarang with a virtual office is quite simple.

    1. Contact a virtual office provider
    2. Obtain the domicile letter needed to start a business in Semarang


  • Get an unlimited amount of benefits


Unlike a physical office, a virtual office allows employees to work anytime, anywhere without a set schedule. However, in case you need a physical office to meet with your business partner or government employees, give a call ahead, and your virtual office provider will secure a meeting place for you.

Other perks of virtual offices include a prestigious business address without long commutes.

Virtual offices give remote workers and digital nomads substantial freedom and flexibility to do their job on their own terms. However, make sure that your business fields allow you to get a domicile letter for a virtual office.

The requirements for a business address might differ in each of the Indonesian regions. Our consultants in Jakarta, Semarang and Bali will inform you about the conditions there as well as to check the situation in other districts.

Co-Working Space

Co-working spaces provide grounds for the future of work. They usually cater to software developers and start-up founders who take advantage of a perfect environment for networking while building their businesses in Semarang.

Co-working spaces are also destinations for freelancers and entrepreneurs who want an office that is flexible and does not require a long-term commitment. When renting a co-working space, you will avoid hefty overhead and maintenance and maximise your profits.

Private Office

While co-working spaces are ideal for one or two employees, private offices may become necessary when more employees are working together.

A private office, as its name suggests, is the place which is “truly yours”. Your working time is limited by the opening hours of your office provider only. However, special arrangements are always available.

Serviced Offices

Serviced offices have been around for a long time; the concept is to offer businesses a place to work while being surrounded by various amenities of any kind.

Serviced offices for lease frequently offer different pricing options based on the length of the rental. Clients can choose to rent office space by the hour or on a monthly basis.

Where to Build or Rent Offices in Semarang

Semarang is one of the largest economic hubs in Indonesia, and the presence of the industrial areas dates back to decades ago. These industrial areas or industrial parks are involved in shaping some of Semarang’s early landmarks.

There are 162 PMA (foreign-owned companies) registered in these industrial parks—most of them are factories owned by foreign investors with the land provided by the land developer or management—and the number of these businesses keeps growing.

As a result, >Semarang is predicted to be one of the most potential cities for the rapid growth of office spaces.

Popular Industrial Parks in Semarang

The following are the readiest and integrated industrial areas in Semarang where foreign investors can build their offices:

  • Temple Industrial Area (KIC), also known as Gatsu
  • Wijaya Kusuma Industrial Estate (KIW)
  • Unbeatable Industrial Area
  • Tambak Aji Industrial Area
  • Kendal Industrial Park
  • Central Java Land Industrial Area
  • Bintoro Industrial Estate

Popular Business Districts in Semarang

The centre of Semarang’s business district is strategically located and well-connected with short distances to Monument Tugu Muda, Lawang Sewu shopping mall, Ahmad Yani International airport, and Tawang Railway Station.

Most rental offices can be found in these popular districts in Semarang<:

  • Simpang Lima City Center (SLCC)
  • Pemuda Central Business District (PCBD)
  • Gajah Mada Golden Triangle (GGT)

Your Flexible Options with Cekindo

Whether you need an office for a short period of time or on a long-term basis, Cekindo has the solution for you. Cekindo offers different types of offices in Semarang for rent at perfect locations at competitive prices.

Virtual Office in Semarang

Serviced Offices in Semarang: Private Office and Co-Working Space


Contact us and we will find the best solution for you and your business in Semarang.

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