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Outsourcing an Accounting Department Makes Sense after Knowing These 8 Reasons

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In the ever-changing global economy, a lot of businesses are in critical turning point of their growth phase in Indonesia.

Some businesses hit the whopping million dollar mark in their annual revenue and all of a sudden feel the pressure of handling their own accounting.

As a result, it takes only a very short time for business owners to understand that up-to-date, accurate and meticulous accounting records play a huge role in their business success.

That is why business owners also realise how important accounting outsourcing is for the sustainability of business in Indonesia.

Accounting outsourcing means companies make strategic use of efficient third-party service providers to perform accounting activities conventionally managed by in-house employees and resources.

It offers your company a cost-effective, affordable, and valuable alternative to internal accounting functions.

By outsourcing your accounting functions, you don’t have to spend those expensive hours maintaining the books and stay focused on your core business.

Letting an accounting outsourcing firm to handle your accounting tasks may be your best solution to the problem. Here are eight good reasons to outsource your accounting department.

Why Accounting Outsourcing is What Your Business Needs in Indonesia

1. Avoid Errors

It is very common that in-house accounting departments will make errors, and it can be very hard or expensive to rectify the mistake.

Accounting outsourcing, however, will have several layers of review in place to detect errors immediately.

2. Access Accounting Experts

An accounting outsourcing service provider is often made up of skilled and experienced experts from diverse areas such as accounting, taxation, finance, among others, to assist you to stay compliant with the most recent regulations.

3. Stay Focused on Core Activities

You do not go into business because you want to perform all those tedious accounting tasks. Instead, you want to do what you do best and focus on increasing your company’s revenue.

Running an internal accounting department can be complex and challenging and that’s why you need to leave this to a professional accounting functions provider so that you can concentrate on your core activities.

4. Pay Attention to Finance

Your business finance will get the same amount of attention like any of your important business functions when you outsource your accounting to experts.

When handling in-house, it’s highly possible that this function may receive less attention as your staff needs to put their minds on other areas as well.

5. Minimise Risk

The risk of non-compliance is significantly reduced when you outsource your accounting.

The outsourcer will take the responsibility to make sure that all your accounting matters are properly done and organised, and your tax reporting and filing are performed timely.

6. Save on Recruitment

No full-time employees are needed by outsourcing your accounting. Outsourcing offers you the benefit of scalability that helps cut down costs for hiring full-time and temporary staff.

7. Gain More Resources

The money you save by outsourcing your business accounting can be put into other business operations or priorities: marketing, product or service development, etc.

8. Comply with Regulations

The ever-changing accounting and tax laws are causing headaches to many business owners. Without a trained and knowledgeable team, it’s hard to pull off a qualified accounting department internally.

An accounting outsourcing firm, however, has the ability and capacity to keep up with the latest regulations and ensure your company’s accounting is always in compliance.

Outsource to Cekindo

In today’s challenging business environment, more and more companies are outsourcing their accounting to expert vendors such as Cekindo.

Cekindo offers a wide range of accounting outsourcing services, tailored to address the requirements of both large and medium-sized companies.

In addition to that, our team of highly-skilled accountants is also financial leaders with profound knowledge of Indonesian and global accounting regulations, who can assist you to shape your financial statements to result in profit and provide you with strategic direction.

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