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Benefits of Hiring Temporary Staff for Your Business in Indonesia

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Temporary staff, provided by an outsourcing company, is an important and growing part of the business in Indonesia as this employment solution gives businesses a vast number of advantages.

Companies in Indonesia hire millions of temporary employees as consultants, contract workers, seasonal workers, freelancers, and interns. Especially during the time of a pandemic and economic uncertainty, the inherent flexibility of temporary staffing put them at the forefront of organisations’ staffing solutions.

Based on a survey conducted by the Ministry of Manpower, approximately 88% of companies have suffered big financial losses since the strike of the COVID-19 due to decrease in sales. Not having permanent staff, then, can help reduce the burden. There is no need for companies to pay monthly salaries and benefits, among others.

In addition to its benefits such as access to qualified skills and a large talent pool, temporary staffing enables the company to create a successful strategy with even more long-lasting benefits including cost-efficiency, increased workforce agility, and rapid expansion.

In this article, Cekindo will discuss the pros of hiring temporary staff for your business in Indonesia. You will probably find that this type of employment arrangement is something that is ideal for your organisation and why the use of temporary employment has enjoyed an upward growth over the years.

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees in Indonesia

An increasing number of companies – regardless of sizes – decide to hire temporary staff for the extensive benefits that temporary employment has to offer:

  • Temporary staff will not be associated with the company once their contracts end. Therefore, employers don’t have to worry about the financial burden of termination or benefits of permanent employees, especially during an economic downturn or crisis like now.
  • No expensive training or development programs are needed as temporary staff provided by an outsourcing company will have all the skills and experience the job positions require
  • You can increase or reduce your team size whenever your business scales up or downsize without negatively impacting your cost structure
  • You can fill positions rapidly due to urgent circumstances such as the sudden departure of an employee. Temporary workers make sure that there is no delay or downtime for your business operation.
  • Temporary employees are extremely cost-effective if your business has temporary projects or seasonal work.

How do You Know You Need Temporary Staff?

Now you know that temporary staffing can bring numerous benefits to your business, let’s take a look at the signs on how you know it’s time to hire temporary workers:

  • Your existing employees complain about the heavy workloads and they have already affected your staff’s productivity and efficiency
  • Your clients ask for staff with specialty to work on projects of a specific field
  • Your current employees with significant positions are planning to go for a long-term leave and thus you need someone who can temporarily fill the positions to produce the same quality outcomes
  • You are spending a significant amount of time training your existing employees, leading to certain operational downtime
  • You are thinking of expanding your team but have financial constraints
  • You have a hard time finding candidates with qualified credentials to fill important positions
  • You are thinking of downsizing your company

Cekindo as Your Outsourcing Company in Indonesia

At Cekindo, we provide stellar employment solutions to our clients throughout Indonesia. As one of the most reputable outsourcing companies in Indonesia, our employment services enable us to help you hire the most qualified candidates that suit the timeline of your projects.

Furthermore, we give you access to a huge global network of talent. Why don’t take advantage of our employment outsourcing services in Indonesia? So you can start your business in Indonesia without having to invest heavily in permanent employments – which is also often a tedious, expensive, and time-consuming process. We also serve as a one-stop provider with services such as payroll, tax, accounting, and recruitment outsourcing.

By delegating the responsibilities of your non-core business functions to Cekindo, you can now focus exclusively on your critical business operations. Fill in the form below to discuss further with our experts.

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