Trademark Registration Indonesia: Success Tips & Tricks

Trademark Registration in Indonesia: Important Preparation

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Trademark registration in Indonesia is important when you establish a business in the country. A trademark is not only applicable in Indonesia, but you can also apply it to anywhere in the world for your business venture.

In Indonesia, a trademark can be a unique logo, symbol, illustration, character, phrase, or word that distinguishes a brand, a product, a service, or a business from others. A trademark makes your business to be identified easily by potential clients and target audience. Think about the three stripes of Adidas, the checkmark of Nike, they are highly recognisable trademarked logos.

According to the trademark law in Indonesia, for your brand to be acknowledged and recognised in the country, you must register your trademark with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP). DGIP is under the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

It is important to have preparation before undertaking the trademark registration process. It is also important to know the benefits of having a registered trademark in Indonesia. This article discusses both.

Why Register Your Trademark in Indonesia

  • Exclusive right

Once your trademark is registered, you will have an exclusive right and no one can use it without your permission. If they do so, you can sue them at the court. This means that infringement can be taken down easily and quickly.

  • Added value for business

You can trade your trademark as it is an intellectual property, which is your asset. You can sell or franchise it in the future.

  • To make your business unique

A trademark can be used for branding and marketing purposes. A unique trademark helps customers to identify your business easily. You will then stand out among competitors.

Trademark Registration in Indonesia: Important Preparation

Trademark Registration in Indonesia: What to Prepare

1. Research first before you register your trademark and do not conduct your research alone

You must first carry out thorough research before you do your trademark registration to avoid any trademark disputes in the future. The research prepares you to have alternatives before any dispute occurs. This can save you a lot of resources.

You can do the research yourself or hire someone professional to help you with that. However, do keep in mind that a trademark registration in Indonesia is a long and tiring process. Hence, it is a much better option to have experts who have a deep understanding of the entire system and legislation.

2. Fill out the registration form in detail and correctly

Make sure that you fill out your trademark registration form correctly, truthfully, and coherently. Everything you put into the form should be consistent with the documents you submit together with the form.

3. Ensure accurate translation of your documents

The documents you submit for your trademark registration form must all be in the Indonesian language. For that reason, you need a certified translator to translate the details into the Indonesian language properly. Your translated documents must be comprehensible for native Indonesian. The officials and authorities who participate in your trademark registration process may not understand English at all.

How Cekindo can Assist

Looking to have a trademark registration in Indonesia? You can do so easily with the assistance from Cekindo.

With a legal trademark in Indonesia, you can make way for success by giving your business more recognition and reputation, thus increasing your target customer. Trademarks can be considered one of the valuable assets a company can have.

Of course, before having a legal trademark in place, you need to go ahead with trademark registration so that the trademark is yours by law and no one can ever take advantage of it. Don’t let anyone steal your business away.

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