Vacation in Bali Things Foreign Visitors Need to Plan

Planning Your Dream Vacation in Bali: A Guide for Foreign Visitors

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 2 June 2023
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Bali Reopening for International Tourists

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Indonesia to close borders to foreign tourists experiencing vacations in Bali. With recent cases being well under control, the Indonesian government has reopened the international borders to foreign tourists. International travelers are already permitted to enter Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport from 3 February 2022. As incentives, Visas on Arrival and B211 Tourism Visit Visas have been reinstated for a particular group of travelers who plan their vacation in Bali.

Despite virtually being open to foreign travelers, special requirements still need to be provided when entering the region. Among others, travelers who plan their vacation in Bali must prove that they have received at least one vaccination dose. In addition, travelers must undergo quarantine and hold a valid visa.

The quarantine period for those who plan a vacation in Bali Bali depends on the number of vaccine doses the traveler has received. Those who have just received their first dose must quarantine for seven days and six nights. Travelers who have received their first and second dose are only required to quarantine for three days and two nights. Travelers should take a PCR test twice during their stay, on the first and final day. They are eligible to leave their hotel and explore Bali only after testing negative on both tests.

Things to Prepare When Going to Bali during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 Situation in Bali

As of the first week of March 2022, Indonesia is listed as Level 1 on the COVID-19 risk assessment parameter. The number of active cases in Bali for the first week of March is slightly over 2000. It may be helpful to track active COVID-19 cases throughout Indonesia here before planning your travels.

However, as numbers tend to fluctuate, it would be worth noting that travelers need to remain careful to minimize the risk of contracting the virus. To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, keeping a safe distance as much as possible and always wearing a mask outdoors are advised.

Current Visa Restrictions

As mentioned, Visas on Arrival are only applicable for tourists who hold the nationalities of:

Australia USA Netherlands Brunei
Brunei Philippines UK Italy
Japan Germany Cambodia Canada
South Korea Laos Malaysia Myanmar
France Qatar New Zealand Singapore
Thailand Turkey UAE Vietnam
South Africa Saudi Arabia Argentina Belgium
Brazil Denmark Finland Hungary
India Mexico Norway Poland
Seychelles Spain Sweden Switzerland
Taiwan China Tunisia

It is important to note that the travel regulations may continue to change following the number of positive cases within the region. Cekindo provides Immigration Services that guide tourists on the latest requirements and regulations. Travelers who plan their vacation in Bali can still visit the island by obtaining the Tourism B211 Visit Visa for nationalities not mentioned above. Regardless of the type of visa, all travelers must present a negative PCR test done a maximum of 48 hours before departure.

Choosing a Place to Stay

Bali has a lot to offer. Nightlife attractions, unique cafes, various water sports opportunities, an abundance of natural beauty, great shopping, good food, and many more. When choosing the best place to stay in Bali, it’s better to align with your plans while you’re there.

Canggu is the best place for you to work while in Bali. Canggu is a haven for digital nomads and ex-pats, filled with many unique cafes that offer strong internet connections and comfortable working vibes.

If you are in Bali for a luxurious holiday, Nusa Dua would be the perfect place to stay. Nusa Dua offers a variety of luxury hotels and resorts equipped with their white sand beaches lined by palm trees and cabanas as facilities.

If you are an avid fan of seafood and would like to explore local Indonesian cuisine, Jimbaran is the spot for you. With an upscale resort village, Jimbaran offers hillside villas that often attract couples and families. Jimbaran is quieter than other beaches and suitable for swimming and surfing lessons or even long walks.

Legian and Kuta are the two of the most famous spots in Bali. Travelers on a budget often prefer the two areas as they are relatively cheaper than other parts of Bali. The beaches in these two areas are also suitable for surfing. There are also great hostels and guest hosts that cater to various budgets. Providing a good experience for their vacation in Bali, the two areas are filled with a number of bars and restaurants that are especially lively during weekends.

Things To Do in Bali

The pandemic has forced a great majority of the world to work and socialize from behind screens. Travelers looking to step away from that lifestyle can enjoy Bali’s beaches with a side of a refreshing cocktail.

Some of the best beaches in Bali are Seminyak Beach, Echo Beach in Canggu, Sanur Beach, and Thomas Beach, which are a few of the most preferred ones for tourists. Another activity that would help you unwind after the rough two years is to get a Balinese massage. Your trip to Bali would not be complete without indulging in a massage that uses long strokes, firm pressure, and skillful stretching to relax your body.

If you are more of an adventurer, then hiking is the perfect activity for you to do. The adrenaline-pumping hike up Mount Batur is something that is highly recommended. The walk is friendly for those just starting out hiking, with a beautiful sunset as the reward alongside the adventure. Bali is a predominantly Hindu island filled with stunning and well-crafted temples overlooking the ocean.

Bali offers some great beach clubs with a spectacular views, good drinks, and superstar DJs. The Catamaran Bali, for one, is a beach club that overlooks the beautiful Melasti Beach. Visitors can bask in the sun or chill under the breezy cabanas by day. They have ocean-edged pools and artisanal food to enjoy. The Lawn in Canggu and Desa Potato Head in Seminyak are also two great places to spend the day in. To appreciate what Bali has to offer, book your visa application now!

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