Best Places to Retire in Central Java

6 Best Places to Retire in Central Java You Need to Consider

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Central Java Province is one of the best places to retire and a popular tourist destination in Indonesia with natural, cultural, and artificial attractions. The region is known for its rich culture, including pottery, handicrafts, textiles, carving, and performing arts. 

Central Java is home to the famous Borobudur temple and other notable attractions like the Dieng plateau and Sukuh temple. The province has over 30 million people and is characterized by fertile plains and mountains stretching across its center.

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Why Should You Retire in Central Java?

Best Places to Retire in Central Java

Choosing a place to retire requires much consideration. But, since leisure and relaxation are the things you will do here for the rest of your life. 

However, there are a few factors that you must put a lot of thoughts into before retiring to new places, let alone foreign countries. Safety, accessibility, facilities, and other supporting infrastructures are the things you need to take seriously.  

Central Java is one of the regions in Indonesia that can provide that because pensioners often prefer it. There are several factors why Central Java is one of the best places to retire: 

1. Safety and Security

When moving to a new country, the safety and security of the area are crucial. Central Java is a relatively safe place with a low crime rate in Indonesia. The crime rate in the Central Java area has been decreasing over the years. 

2. Public Transport

Transportation can be challenging in a new country, but several reliable and comfortable transportation services are available in Central Java. 

Cities are often busy and congested, but several transportation options, such as mini-buses, city buses, and intercity railways that follow specific routes, are available. 

Metered taxis are also available, albeit more expensive than other options. Online transportation services provide safe and reliable alternatives for those who prefer to avoid using public transport.

With the alternatives available, Central Java aims to be one of the best places to retire in Indonesia. 

3. Housing

Central Java is renowned for its natural and cultural attractions, making it an ideal place to reside, particularly for those who appreciate outdoor pursuits. In addition, the region boasts a diverse topography featuring highlands, beaches, and mountains. 

Moreover, Central Java’s cities provide various tourist attractions, including historical sites to explore in Surakarta, tranquil areas to dwell in Yogyakarta, and numerous other options.

4. Entertainment

Aims to be one of the best places to retire, Central Java provides various entertainment centers to cater to everyone’s interests. In addition, Central Java offers many outdoor activities, such as mountain trekking or horse riding.

5. Schools and Education

Central Java has several excellent schools for foreigners with children. The education system is advanced, and many private schools exceed the expectations set by the Ministry of Education. 

It’s recommended to visit schools personally before selecting one to ensure that the facilities and educational materials meet your expectations of finding the best places to retire.

6 Favorable Cities to Retire in Central Java Area

Guide to Doing Business in Semarang

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Central Java, as a province or a region, has several cities, all of which have unique characteristics. The following would help you better understand each town’s appeal and ultimately help you decide which region to retire in. 

1. Semarang

Semarang is an ideal retirement location as one of the best places to retire in Central Java for foreigners. The city is known for its affordable, fulfilling life. In addition, its multicultural history offers a unique cultural blend, colonial-era architecture, traditional markets, and local cuisine.

Semarang’s cost of living is relatively low compared to other major Indonesian cities, with affordable housing options. The warm tropical climate and many parks make staying active and enjoying the outdoors easy. Semarang is a popular choice for retirees seeking a comfortable and fulfilling retirement.

2. Salatiga

Salatiga, a small city near Semarang, is known for its high tolerance level, where people of different religions, ethnicities, and races live harmoniously. The city is well-connected to the Semarang-Solo route and offers beautiful scenery, cool weather, and a peaceful environment. 

Surrounded by the best mountains, such as Mount Merbabu, Mount Gajah, and Mount Telomoyo, and with Rawa Pening Lake on its west side, Salatiga’s landscape is unique and attractive, which has drawn the attention of Europeans who feel at home living here.

3. Yogyakarta

This place offers a tranquil environment for a peaceful retirement while providing opportunities to learn and connect with the locals. In addition, the traffic is manageable, and the cost of living is reasonable. 

Necessities are conveniently available nearby. The beautiful sunsets here are a sight to behold, and the cost of living is also affordable.

4. Wonosobo

This location is calm and serene, with a pleasant atmosphere and clean air. It is in Dieng Plateau, surrounded by stunning mountains and beautiful scenery. The climate and surroundings make it an ideal place for retirement. 

Additionally, the city has a reasonable cost of living and continuous efforts to improve transportation, healthcare, and public facilities. Moreover, a low crime rate provides a safe and comfortable living environment.

5. Surakarta

This location is famous for its cultural heritage. It is comparable to Yogyakarta as a hub for cultural preservation and development, particularly for traditional Javanese practices such as batik and gamelan. 

During your free time, you can immerse yourself in local activities like Wedangan, where you can purchase food and drinks by the roadside or take up the art of batik-making. 

Popular tourist destinations like Borobudur and Prambanan Temple are nearby and offer opportunities for peaceful experiences.

6. Karimunjawa

Karimunjawa is an ideal retirement spot for foreigners. The archipelago’s 27 islands offer a serene and relaxed lifestyle, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery like crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, and lush vegetation. 

In addition, Karimunjawa’s friendly community, low crime rate, and peaceful atmosphere add to the sense of safety and security. Karimunjawa is a perfect location in a tranquil, beautiful environment for a comfortable and fulfilling retirement.


Conclusively, Central Java is a region that is perfect for retirement. Each city is unique in its way and offers appeals to its people. 

However, those considering retiring in Central Java should also consider applying for a retirement visa (retirement KITAS) and their requirements. In addition, couples who are looking to retire together may also obtain a spouse visa

InCorp Indonesia (formerly Cekindo) provides extensive services to secure both visas, making InCorp Indonesia (formerly Cekindo) a perfect one-stop solution for future pensioners looking to retire in Central Java. 

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