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Many visa agents, both bogus and authentic, have been appearing around Indonesia particularly in popular areas such as Bali as well as Jakarta. Moreover, changing immigration rules and regulations to apply for an Indonesian visa have also become very frequent because of the inflow of foreigners, which also increases the potential of fake visa agents. This is the importance of finding a reliable Indonesian visa agent.

Thanks to the booming of tourism and rapid development of Indonesia, a growing number of tourists can be seen in many regions of this stunning archipelago. Not only just for visiting, but Indonesia has also become an ideal place for foreigners to work and live at the same time.

If you are one of those foreigners who are interested in either enjoying Indonesia for a vacation or working and living in the country, you should read this article. Cekindo provides you with some tips on how you can avoid unnecessary scams by choosing a trusted visa consultant.

Factors to Consider when Choosing an Indonesian Visa Agent

There are many factors to consider when choosing an Indonesian visa agent so that you can avoid all the potential negative events and chaos.

1. Stay away from fraudulent visa agents

Although there are many visa consultants available in Indonesia, it is not easy to choose one that is reliable and not misleading. If you happen to choose a crooked visa agent, it can definitely hurt you in multiple ways and turn your entire visa process into a nightmare.

For instance, a crooked visa agent may cause you to lose your important documents for visa application, spend on unnecessary expenses, and lose your visa eligibility and other opportunities in the country. So, avoid these fraudsters like the plague.

2. Always check if your visa agent is registered

All visa agents in Indonesia are required to register themselves according to Indonesian Law. Make sure you always opt for a visa consultant that is not only registered but also reputable in the country.

A registered visa consultant such as Cekindo will assist you in handling your visa application, interview preparation, documents submission, from the beginning until the very end. We will also provide you with the best recommendation and guidance on your visa application.

3.Ask about the visa agent’s experience and qualification

Whether you engage an individual visa consultant or a visa agency, it is highly recommended to do a background check on the agent’s experience, qualifications, and credibility in handling relevant visas. Knowing how long they have been in the industry will provide extra security for your application as well.

More often, a reputable visa agent with extensive experience and knowledge will have an informational website, customer testimonials, and valid contact information and physical address. A trustworthy visa agent will get you further as they are always ready to deal with complex situations.

4. Avoid visa agents or agencies that offer job guarantees in Indonesia

Avoid visa consultants who are claiming to be able to provide you with jobs and placement in Indonesia. Chances are, these tempting job offers are mostly fake and are falsified to lure foreigners and gain profits.

5. Make sure service charges and involved fees are transparent

A trusted visa agent must have affordable and transparent fixed rates for different services. Sometimes, these charges must also be readily available on their website so you will have an idea of what the average charges look like.

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What if You Choose a Crooked Visa Agent?

Some of the unfortunate experiences that Cekindo’s clients have encountered by engaging a crooked visa agent, before choosing Cekindo, include the following:

indonesia visa crooked visa agents

  • Their passports were taken by these bogus agents and were never returned to them
  • These agents applied for the wrong types of visas
  • They did not have any knowledge with regards to visa-on-arrival (VOA) in Indonesia
  • It took forever for these fake visa agents to apply for a visa
  • They provided no visa sponsorship assistance

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Surely you do not want those things to happen to you. That is why it is important to follow all of the tips mentioned above.

Cekindo as Your Trusted Visa Agent in Indonesia

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