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Blog: Market Research Analysis

How Foreign Investors Can Help Revolutionize Agriculture Sector in Indonesia

Indonesia is recognized for its vast agricultural commodities such as rubber, palm oil, cocoa, tea, and clove. Moreover, it has over 17000 islands, with the majority of them arid enough for agriculture. Agriculture is one of the key economic sectors of the archipelago, and the second-largest contributor to the country’s economy has shown resilience in …

Indonesia to Export 300 Megawatt Renewable Energy: Opportunities for Foreign Investment

Indonesia has the world’s fourth-largest population and expected will have the world’s fourth-largest economy by 2050. Hence, the rise in demand for energy looks inevitable which would further open up new possibilities for renewable energy companies. To ensure judicious use of renewable energy resources, the Indonesian government has set aggressive targets. The National Energy Policy …

Opportunities and Challenges in Indonesia’s New Capital City Development

Indonesia is currently developing a plan to relocate its capital from Jakarta to a new city in East Kalimantan, Borneo. Part of the reason for the relocation is to ease traffic congestion in Jakarta, which has made the city polluted, and overcrowded. Indonesia’s new capital city would also symbolically centralize the administration, which is perceived …