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Work Permit Application in Bali

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Securing a work permit is something you should be very careful of when working in Bali or employing a foreign national there.
The number of expats coming to Bali is on the rise, as well as the amount of deported foreigners due to law violation.

The patience of Balinese immigration officers came to an end and working on a tourist visa is a risk that no company or individual should take.

Unravelling the Myths about a Work Permit

Better safe than sorry – a work permit, work visa and business visa are not the same, and it is important not to confuse them.

A work permit (IMTA) is the only document which allows its holders to be legally employed in Indonesia. Its application usually goes hand in hand with a work visa (KITAS), but one does not replace the other.

The process might take 2 months while the validity of the permit is limited to a maximum of 1 or 6 months or 1 year.

Outsourcing the procedure will save you the precious time, and we will make sure that a foreign national will join your team in Bali as soon as possible.

Work Permit Indonesia

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