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Minimising losses and maximising recoveries from bankruptcy are indeed possible.

Today’s business environment is volatile and no one can predict what is going to happen next. Especially during difficult times, some companies may find it challenging to recover credits or discharge debts.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the global and local economies. Various business sectors and industries have been profoundly impacted, leading to bankruptcy and/or insolvency for many businesses across Indonesia.

To support businesses and companies in Indonesia and help them survive during this unfortunate time, we provide corporate recovery and bankruptcy or insolvency services that can assist you in weathering the storm.

Procedures for Bankruptcy Filing and Debt Suspension (PKPU) Filing in Indonesia

Bankruptcy filing and debt suspension filing in Indonesia are rather complicated. It would be wise to consult with insolvency and bankruptcy professionals who can explain the procedure in great detail and assist you every step of the way.

Infographic-Procedures-for-Bankruptcy-Filing-cekindo-2Filing bankruptcy can help business owners by discharging debts or making plans to repay debts. In short, the procedure for filing bankruptcy in Indonesia is as follows:

  1. File bankruptcy: it can be either self filing or filing by creditors.
  2. Wait for approximately 30 days to see whether bankruptcy filing is approved or rejected.
  3. If bankruptcy filing is approved, arrange a meeting with creditors for a peace proposal.
  4. If approved, the next step is homologation or verification followed by the bankruptcy beig terminated or lifted. If rejected, the next step is asset designation followed by asset distribution.

Note: if bankruptcy filing is rejected, there will be cassation and judicial review before going through the bankruptcy filing process all over again.

In addition to filing bankruptcy, business owners can also file debt suspension. When debt suspension filing is approved, creditors agree to suspend the scheduled payments so that debtors can allocate their resources on coping with and surviving a difficult time.


The procedure for filing PKPU in Indonesia is as follows:Infographic-PKPU-filling-process-cekindo-2

  1. File PKPU: it can be either self filing or filing by creditor.
  2. For self filing: wait for a court decision within three days and go through the PKPU process (max. 270 days). If approved, an accord will be issued. If rejected, you will be declared bankrupt and arrange a meeting with creditors (see Procedure for Bankruptcy Filing – step 3).
  3. For filing by creditors: issue a summons letter to the debtor within seven days before the day of the trial, wait for a court decision within 20 days and go through the PKPU process (max. 270 days). If approved, an accord will be issued. If rejected, you will be declared bankrupt and arrange a meeting with creditors (see Procedure for Bankruptcy Filing – step 3).

What to Expect from Our Corporate Recovery & Bankruptcy or Insolvency Services in Indonesia

A team of bankruptcy experts at Cekindo can assist you in navigating matters related to bankruptcy and insolvency regardless of business sector and industry.

You can select from a suite of advice and recommendations that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Investigation of company affairs, which include assets, liabilities and claims of creditors and other stakeholders
  • Liquidity review and analysis
  • Bankruptcy filing and debt suspension filing
  • Debt restructuring strategies
  • Sourcing funds, lenders and potential investors
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Company dissolution

Start Your Corporate Recovery by Consulting with Experts at Cekindo

Cekindo was established to accomplish its primary goals, which are to support business growth and save businesses. With 10+ years of experience in the Indonesia market, our team of dedicated professionals can provide expert guidance and assistance in numerous distressed situations. From investigations and litigation to debt or equity financing and business restructuring or turnaround, we would be happy to have a discussion with you.

Reach out to us now, by completing the form below, so that we can immediately assist you with our corporate recovery and bankruptcy or insolvency services in Indonesia.

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      Prior to choosing Cekindo as our business partner in Indonesia, we interviewed and compared several companies. Finally, we chose to cooperate with Cekindo because of its professionalism and quality. Cekindo has assisted us in many ways, from company certification application to KITAS application and financial statement compliance to the fulfillment of other tax obligations in Indonesia. We appreciate the team’s fast response and professionalism in preparing the financial statements, among others.

      Doris Chen
      PT. Asia Victory and PT. Bigger One
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      When I joined Toaster, it was already working with Cekindo. But it’s quick to see why Toaster chose Cekindo. Cekindo has been very helpful throughout. Toaster Headquarters is based in London. Indonesian tax laws are not our specialty. Cekindo’s team has helped us to understand Indonesian tax. They are very knowledgeable and dependable, and therefore a huge asset to our company.

      Tsui-Sie Wong
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      As a new business in Indonesia, we started consulting with multiple law firms but quickly narrowed down to only Cekindo. Cekindo was recommended as one of the top firms by multiple sources in the business community. The staff at Cekindo was very responsive to our needs as a new business. The team provided consultancy and assisted our startup firm with initial business setup, licenses and permits, HR/recruitment and market research. One year since our establishment, we still consider Cekindo as our partner.

      PT Ohmnia Tenaga Surya
    • Jan Pilar - Hydropol

      When we intended to enter the Indonesian market back in 2013/14, Cekindo helped us to understand the possibilites and options for business presence in Indonesia through legal advice & also advisory on how to arrange for ownership. Furthermore, Cekindo also provides us with a range of fully professional and reliable accounting & tax services for our representative office in Indonesia. In the world of digital & virtual economy like today, it is an essential prerequisite to have the most reliable business partner like Cekindo.

      Jan Pilař
    • Sagar Datar - Bristlecone

      A huge gratitude to Cekindo, particularly its visa team, for handling our visa cases. During our visa applications, Cekindo was extremely helpful not only in facilitating all of our visa requirements but also in clarifying our queries/doubts. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the good work of Cekindo’s visa team.

      Sagar Datar