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Business Process Outsourcing vs. Call Center in Indonesia: How are They Different?

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 10 December 2020
  • 4 minute reading time

Commonly, people use the terms BPO and call center interchangeably most of the time. Many business owners even think that call center and business process outsourcing in Indonesia (BPO) is the same thing, but they are not. A call center is a subset of BPO and voice-based services are the primary services of call centers.

In this article, we will dive a little deeper to see the differences between business process outsourcing and call center in Indonesia, so that you will be able to know which to implement for your business.

Differences Between Call Center and Business Process Outsourcing in Indonesia

The call center and business process outsourcing are tightly connected. However, they share some major differences as well.

1. Different Work Processes

There are two main processes involved in business process outsourcing in Indonesia: back-end processes and front office processes. Key activities of the back end process include finance and accounting, recruitment and payroll, data entry, payments, IT management, and others.

The front office process consists of customer management services and marketing support via email, phone, social media, telemarketing, live chat, chatbot, and other forms of communication.

As for call center outsourcing, the service providers take care of the front office processes limited to inbound and outbound calls only. Customers make inbound calls to the call center team and the team will help resolve customers’ issues or answer their inquiries; and the call center team makes outbound calls for sales and telemarketing to persuade prospects and generate leads.

2. Different Requirements

Oftentimes, companies need a call center in Indonesia to build and nurture customer relationships. By using a call center, businesses can make direct customer interaction to understand their demand and receive feedback. Any business needs to gain more customers and keep their existing customers satisfied and happy.

On the other hand, business owners make use of business process outsourcing to handle their front office and back-office processes. Especially for front-office processes, BPOs are required to establish a social media presence in terms of digital marketing, as well as to manage online reputation. BPOs may or may not be able to be in direct interaction with the customers as the purpose of BPOs is to improve non-primary business processes for more efficient functions and cut costs.

Furthermore, the outsourcing model of BPO helps organisations to focus on their core activities such as new initiatives and research and development to offer customers new and better products and services. BPOs enable companies to sustain in the competitive Indonesian market.

Both BPO and Call Center are Equally Important to Support Business Growth

Having their own specific nature and roles, both BPOs and call centers are deemed to be highly important in boosting business growth in Indonesia.

If you need to resolve customers’ queries, foster relationships, and generate new leads, the call center is the way to go. On the other hand, if you need outsourcing assistance in processes that require some level of professional and technical skills, BPO is the ideal low-cost solution.

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