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How can Call Center Improve Customer Satisfaction when Doing Business in Indonesia?

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 14 October 2019
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Call center is an important part of any business. Call centers deal with different kinds of customer service issues. When customers are confused, upset, frustrated or curious about your services or products, they would always want to hear a real person’s voice to solve their problems.

However, how your customers experience with the customer service from a call center can either make or ruin your business performance.

Professional and highly attentive customer service can boost your customers’ satisfaction and make them your loyal customers; a bad one, however, will affect your bottom line tremendously.

Having a call center for your business in Indonesia, then, is a necessity. Instead of doing in-house with less effectiveness, you would want to opt for call center outsourcing to offload the potential risks.

In other words, outsourcing call center can improve customer satisfaction and your brand image. Here are the reasons why customer satisfaction is important for business in Indonesia.

call center outsourcing indonesia

Customer Satisfaction Helps You Stand Out from Competitors

You should always treat your customers like the most precious gifts you have ever received regardless of whether you are selling products or services.

Customers consider call center or customer service one of the most essential company’s competence to stand out from the crowd.

Poor responses from customer service will make your customers unhappy, but your competitors will be so elated, because this is the moment they have been waiting for to win your customers over.

You Save and Earn Money from Loyal Customers

Your satisfied and loyal customers are your treasure. Why? This is because loyal customers will purchase 10 times more as compared to their very first transaction with you.

Moreover, most businesses admit that it is about 7 times more expensive to obtain a new customer than it is to retain your existing loyal customers.

Therefore, always look after your customers by providing the best customer service your company can. If you lack the capacity to do so, call center outsourcing is your answer.

Satisfied Customers Have Lifetime Value

Customer satisfaction reflects greatly in your revenue. When a customer is totally satisfied with how you handle their problems, they contribute almost three times the revenue when compared to those somewhat satisfied customers.

It is apparent that customer satisfaction affects how much revenue you will gain from customers for your business.

So if you answer their needs and fulfill their requirements with care and attention, they will be truly satisfied and keep coming back to spend more.

You can Lose Your Clients without You Even Notice It

15 is the number of people that an unhappy client will tell about their bad experience. Worse, according to McKinsey, approximately 13% of unsatisfied customers will even speak about their negative experience with more than 20 people.

That is definitely a lot of word of mouth for the wrong reason. So can you imagine how this negative information can affect your business image and reputation?

You will definitely lose a significant portion of your existing customers, and some potential customers that have never bought from you will choose not to be your customers in the future.

To eliminate bad word of mouth, make your customer’s journey a satisfied and happy one by providing a positive customer experience.

Customer Satisfaction Boosts Your Brand

A positive word of mouth, however, boosts your brand reputation and makes your business known to the world. If your clients are satisfied, it is very likely that they will share your company details or content via different social media platforms.

Through social media sharing of customer’s positive experience, your company can be known rapidly by customers globally.

Call Center Outsourcing in Indonesia with Cekindo

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