Cekindo Activities in November 2016

part of Cekindo activities is participated in some events November 2016, there are conference and "The Day of Independence of Czechoslovakia" Celebration.

Marmon EcoWater Trade Conference

Marmon Ecowater Systems offer a high technology water cleaner whether for households and also for corporate sectors which has been established since 1925. This company is managed under The Marmon Group / Berkshire Hathaway Company. Cekindo has helped Marmon to expand its EcoWater Systems business to Indonesia, we have assisted Marmon in doing product registration and local partner selection in Indonesia.

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On 8 November 2016 a Trade Conference organized with the aim to find the most potential local partner to cooperate with Marmon. Ms. Oey Mei Dee as the Business Development Director of Marmon EcoWater Singapore, and deliver a presentation about why is EcoWater System needed in Indonesia. There are more than 500 authorized dealers which spread all over the world with the water experts and specialists. Dealers will check the quality of the water and provide the customized ecowater treatment based on your needs.

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Why You Need a Local Partner in Doing Business in Indonesia?

There are some cases that some companies are not ready yet to establish a foreign owned company or PT PMA in Indonesia. It happened caused by many reasons. Such as: not really sure about the potential market for the products, limited capital, etc. That’s why finding a local partner in Indonesia can be the best solution. For further info about local partner in Indonesia. You can contact us by sending email to sales@cekindo.com or call us at +62 21 30061585.

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Celebrating The Day of Independence of Czechoslovakia

On 3rd of November 2016, Cekindo attend to an event which has successfully hosted by Czech Embassy. We were delightful to joined the event and met our partners also clients, together celebrated “The Day of Independence of Czechoslovakia”.

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