Hiring in Indonesia: How to Conduct Virtual Recruitment

How to Conduct Virtual Recruitment in Indonesia

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 1 December 2020
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Virtual hiring in Indonesia is becoming more common nowadays, particularly because many companies are adopting the Work-from-Home (WFH) in the time of COVID-19. This article will guide you on how to carry out virtual recruitment in Indonesia.

Virtual Hiring in Indonesia: Success Tips

Things to Do or Have

1. Outstanding Landing Page or Career Page

Candidates are more willing to send in their application when you have an excellent landing page or career page that stands out from other competitors.

A corporate website is not only facilitated for visits from customers but also potential hires. Make sure your website is attractive to both customers and job seekers.

2. Compelling Content

Your website should have the right and engaging content for your candidates, particularly the job description and the benefits your company offers.

Testimonials from employees or alluring design and visuals are highly recommended to make your website content more interesting and captivating. Other relevant contents you may include are industry news, salary reports, and others.

3. Strategic Social Media Campaigns

In today’s advancing world, social media shall be every company’s tool for hiring in Indonesia due to its high effectiveness and easy accessibility.

Not only do companies use social media to boost brand image, attract customers, and convert sales, but they also make use of social media to run recruitment and hiring campaigns. You will have more qualified applications if you have a strong social media presence.

4. Appropriate Targeting Strategies

Just like you create a buyer persona for your business, you also need candidate personas for different positions. Make sure you know your ideal and target employees before you start any recruitment process or campaigns. The more targeted your candidates are, the more hiring costs and time you can save.

5. Effective Internal Network and Word of Mouth

Your existing employees can be your ideal spokespersons since they know your company’s culture the best. Also, you can make the job descriptions, salaries and benefits available on platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook so that your employees can share the information for you.

Things not to Do or Have

1. Disregard Communications

Though virtual recruitments can be very effective, sometimes employers may neglect important communications and interactions with the potential candidates. Recruiters need to maintain a consistent flow of communications during the entire recruitment process so that the candidates feel secure and taken care of.

2. Forget to Scale the Job Advertisements

A large number of candidates now apply for jobs through their mobile and that’s why most companies also adapt to this trend by making their application more convenient for potential hires via apps and mobile devices.

So, other than publishing your job advertisements on the website and other platforms, make it mobile-friendly as well.

3. Underestimate Assessments

Pre-employment assessments are crucial for every position in a company. These assessments help you to get rid of undesirable or non-qualified candidates. The assessment attributes shall include fundamental elements such as personality traits and job abilities to give you an overall understanding if a hire fits a position.

Hiring through Outsourcing in Indonesia: Ideal to Attract the Best Talent

Recruitment outsourcing in Indonesia has far-reaching benefits for you to attract not only the top talent but the right talent for your organisation:

  • Clear job scope and description
  • Shorter recruitment process
  • Training and recognition are available
  • Persuasive advertising
  • Well-thought-out and attractive salary, benefits, compensation, and other related policies
  • Virtual recruitment can be done from a meeting room in a virtual office, establishing your professionalism

Cekindo, Your Recruitment Outsourcing Partner and Virtual Office Provider in Indonesia

Cekindo can serve as your recruitment outsourcing partner for your hiring in Indonesia as well as your virtual office provider.

Our solutions help you solve challenges in regard to scalability, compliance, recruitment, quality, and cost. Even the best companies in Indonesia, both large and small, can benefit from Cekindo’s support on such daunting tasks: sourcing high-quality talent, streamlining the recruitment process, and expanding their businesses with the greatest flexibility at the lowest costs.

Our team of experts at Cekindo simplifies your recruitment and talent acquisition process by significantly lowering hiring costs, enhancing the number of qualified hires, and reducing fill time.

In short, we are here to assist you in taking the guesswork out of your hiring in Indonesia, especially during this challenging time. Fill in the form below for a free consultation.

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