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Coworking is What Artists Need: Here’s Why

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Being an artist or creative professional in Indonesia no longer means working at a coffee shop or from home. If you are seeking a creative atmosphere to do your work in as an artist, a musician or a creative, coworking space in Indonesia may be your solution.

With flexible access to coworking spaces across Indonesia, you can free yourself from the boredom of hustling in the same working environment every day.

Not only that coworking spaces are creative in their own nature, they also encourage community and collaboration.

In Indonesia, there are many coworking spaces that are designed to meet the requirements and interests of creative artists and freelancers.

No matter what your specialty as an artist, a coworking space offers a creative, collaborative and vibrant atmosphere for you.

In this article, you will read about why coworking is what you need as an artist in Indonesia, and what actually makes the coworking space stand out for artists.

Why Artists Need Coworking Spaces in Indonesia

A fully furnished and readily available coworking space is one of the major benefits of using this innovative and flexible workspace solution.

Of course, coworking spaces offer many more benefits and that is why its demand by artists has been rising over the years:

A Coworking Community is Uplifting and Inspiring

The people who surround you in your workspace are critical because they can determine how creative and how productive you will be.

A lot of coworking spaces in Indonesia hold tons of seminars, workshops and events for artists to make connections in the community and learn new skills that will be useful for their business or career.

Cekindo provides coworking spaces with a professional and dynamic environment that enables you to network, share ideas and collaborate.

A Coworking Environment is Lively and Motivating

Not just the people, your workspace environment does affect your work efficiency, quality and productivity. Traditional offices have an environment that is full of cubicles and is often suffocating with a lot of restrictions.

However, coworking spaces are created with the purpose of building motivating communities, promoting creativity and cultivating healthy working relationships.

Coworking spaces are designed with relaxing and convenient facilities including rest areas, lounges, meeting rooms and others. Whether you want to recharge yourself or meet with other like-minded people to share ideas, you have what you need in a coworking space.

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A Coworking Space Has Necessary Facilities and Amenities

One of the perks that artists prefer in coworking spaces are the facilities and amenities available. Coworking spaces are often equipped with basic facilities such as fast internet connection, photocopy and fax machines, meeting rooms and conference room – so that you can have the highest efficiency for your creative works without interruption.

A Coworking Space Fosters Collaboration

You can meet people from diverse professional or creative backgrounds in a coworking space. If you are a singer, you could meet a composer who writes music; if you are a writer, you may cross paths with a designer who creates book cover.

The opportunity to make meaningful connections with artists from different creative fields is one of the biggest advantages you will have in a coworking space.

Solutions from Cekindo

From the advantage of being one of the most rapidly-growing economies in the world, Indonesia has a lot to give when it comes to starting a business.

Cekindo provides coworking space and private office solutions for artists, innovators, and thought-leaders.

Designed and curated to inspire entrepreneurs, our flexible workspaces and office solutions not only allow members to stay productive, but they also provoke new ways of thinking for the creative minds.

Cekindo’s coworking space and private office solutions are available in many major cities in Indonesia: Jakarta, Bali and Semarang.

Members have access to high-speed Internet, receptionist services, meeting rooms and other necessary facilities.

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