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KITAS Indonesia: A Guide to Entertainment KITAS

Have You Heard about Entertainment KITAS? A Guide

Have you ever thought about how you can live and work in Bali as a freelancer, a performer, a model, an artist, or a musician? Bali is not just for investors with huge financial ability, or entrepreneurs with the next big ideas, it is also for freelancers and individuals alike to realize their dream with this simple solution – an Indonesia entertainment KITAS.

An Entertainment KITAS is sometimes known as a Freelancer KITAS. It is a legal work permit issued by the Indonesian government for foreigners to live and work in Bali for a maximum of 6 months without needing any employers.

However, an entertainment KITAS is not extendable, so you will have to apply for a new one when the existing one has expired.

Who is the Entertainment KITAS for?

The entertainment KITAS is created for specific groups of professions and individuals. Cekindo has gathered the full list below to let you know who is qualified for this type of KITAS:

  • Show managers
  • Music directors
  • Art directors
  • Singers
  • Musicians
  • Circus players
  • Dancers
  • Disc jockeys
  • Actors and actresses
  • Film directors
  • Karaoke guides
  • Acrobatics
  • Bowling coaches
  • Bodyguards
  • Ad models
  • Magicians
  • Artists
  • Sport consultants
  • Fashion models
  • Referees
  • Boxing promoters
  • Table tennis coaches
  • Volleyball coaches
  • Football coaches
  • Softball coaches
  • Badminton coaches
  • Polo coaches
  • Swimming coaches
  • Surfing coaches
  • Paddle coaches
  • Judo coaches
  • Boxing coaches
  • Synchronized swimming coaches
  • Platform diving coaches
  • Wushu coaches
  • Shooting coaches
  • Diving coaches
  • Karate coaches
  • Athletic coaches
  • Taekwondo coaches
  • Golf coaches
  • Boxers
  • Football players
  • Volleyball players
  • Basketball players

Application for an Entertainment KITAS in Indonesia

In general, the application process of entertainment KITAS in Indonesia is in 2 phases:

1. Obtain a TELEX

a. Request a TELEX from an overseas Embassy of Indonesia with the submission of the following documents:

  • US$600 cash for payment
  • A copy of the applicant’s first page of the passport
  • A colored copy of the applicant’s insurance with at least 1-month validity
  • A certified copy of the Bachelor Degree certificate in English
  • A copy of a reference letter of at least 5 years of relevant professional certificate
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Bank statement with at least US$1,500
  • A 4 x 6 photo with red background

b. The Head Office of the Indonesian Immigration Service in Jakarta will confirm your request.

c. The process takes approximately 10 business days.

2. Acquire the Visa

a. Proceed with collecting the visa at the same embassy you apply for the TELEX overseas with the following documents:

  • Application form with filled details
  • Visa fee of US$150
  • Passport with at least 18 months of validity
  • A copy of the main passport page
  • A copy of the passport page with entry stamp to the country in which the visa is applied
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • A flight ticket to Indonesia

b. Register Your Entertainment KITAS

c. After obtaining your entertainment KITAS and entering Indonesia, you are required to visit the Indonesian immigration office to register your visa within 7 days upon your arrival.

d. After the registration, you will get a re-entry permit.

How Cekindo can Assist

If you are holding a commercial or entertainment activity in Indonesia, it is compulsory to obtain an event permit known as Entertainment KITAS from the immigration department.

Cekindo can help you get through the entertainment KITAS process with ease so that you can save substantial effort and valuable time.

Simply provide us with the necessary information and our professional consultant will get back to you the soonest as possible. Fill in the form below.

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