Top 6 False Facts about Accounting Outsourcing in Semarang

Top 6 False Facts about Accounting Outsourcing in Semarang

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 14 August 2020
  • 4 minute reading time

Accounting is among the most crucial tasks to outsource in business everywhere in the world, including the bustling city in Indonesia – Semarang. However, there are still many false facts about accounting outsourcing in Semarang and Cekindo is here to debunk them for you.

Accounting Outsourcing in Semarang: 6 False Facts

False Fact 1: Accounting Outsourcing in Semarang Is Costly

Thinking that accounting outsourcing is expensive is the #1 false fact.

Of course, there are expensive ones but outsourced accounting services are available at different rates according to your requirements.

In Indonesia, you can find all sorts of accounting outsourcing services catering to your small, medium, or large businesses.

Doing accounting in-house may seem like an inexpensive and cost-saving decision but it in fact comes with many hidden costs. These hidden costs include full-time employees’ monthly salaries, and retention and training costs.

With an internal team that may not be that experienced, you may also face issues such as missed deadlines and tax deductions, penalties, and many others.

False Fact 2: You Lose Control of Your Business

Business owners misunderstand that hiring an outsourced accounting professional means that they will hand over the control of their business to a third party.

The fact is, making use of expertise through outsourced accounting in Semarang allows you to have even more control of your business.

It is because these accounting experts will follow, organise, and standardise all accounting processes. They make sure that your accounting and financial data and report are more timely and accurate. With this enhanced control, you can make more informed business decisions.

False Fact 3: Outsourced Accounting Partner Is Not Working if They Aren’t in the Office

Today’s advanced technology makes every individual and every business in the world more connected than ever.

Therefore, location is now not an issue when it comes to partnering with accounting outsourcing professionals. Even though they are not working in the office, they are an extension of your in-house team who can perform more efficiently than you think.

One of the differences, or perks of engaging a third-party professional is that you don’t have to worry about employees taking leaves. When employees are on leave, it can disrupt a business operation and this won’t happen with your external outsourcing partner.

False Fact 4: It Is not Safe to Share Financial Details with An Accounting Outsourcing Firm

Understandably, companies worry about the confidentiality of their financial information as they are sensitive data. This is why we call this worry a false fact. There is no risk of a financial data breach if you choose a reputable outsourcing firm.

At Cekindo, we take extra security measures to make sure that your financial and sensitive documents are safe with us. We also follow industry codes and security standards while ensuring the execution of stringent non-disclosure agreements.

False Fact 5: Accounting Outsourcing Firm may not Understand Our Complex Business Model

This is untrue. A credible outsourcing firm in Semarang has all the expertise in terms of accounting and a broad range of business aspects to handle your company’s accounting.

They are made up of a team of legal and industry professionals and experts. They can even tailor solutions based on your business requirements.

False Fact 6: My Small Company doesn’t Need Accounting Outsourcing

As we mentioned earlier, accounting outsourcing is beneficial to companies of all sizes. Outsourcing firms can customise a range of specialised services to fulfill the accounting needs of small companies, helping your small company to grow faster.

Why Outsource Your Accounting to Cekindo

For many businesses in Indonesia, accounting is one of the most demanding tasks they have to handle. Instead of dealing with the daily mundane accounting tasks, business owners and employees may be better off using their effort and time to attract clients and improve their products.

Cekindo has a cutting-edge framework that provides accounting outsourcing in Semarang to ensure companies’ statutory compliance and future growth.

Accounting issues are real concerns unless businesses work with qualified professionals with proven methods of success. This is why our unique offering enables the placement of your full-time employees and lets you enjoy the additional cost savings.

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