virtual office semarang advantages

Virtual Office Semarang: What are The Advantages of Using It for Business?

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 15 July 2019
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The prospering business scene in Semarang is undeniable, especially in manufacturing and textile industries. The city is also equipped with abundant workforce with low costs, and is undergoing rapid development with more complete infrastructure and facilities to attract more domestic and international investors. However, there is one problem. Due to the rapid growth of the city, there is not always enough office space to cater to all businesses in Semarang. This is when virtual office in Semarang comes in place, allowing people to work from wherever they want with flexible working hours.

Not only does virtual office in Semarang solve the permanent space shortage issues, but it also allows entrepreneurs to cut down their costs significantly. Many businesses in Semarang have found that using a virtual office has resulted in increased productivity, decreased turnover and elevated employee’s satisfaction.

This article elaborates the reasons a virtual office in Semarang is something you should consider by listing some of its advantages.

Zero Commute Time with Virtual Office

virtual office semarang advantages

Employees spend at least one to three hours every day just to get ready and travel to their workplace. These hours spent can actually be used to do something more productive that are related to the job, by implementing the use of virtual office. When productivity increases, employees can be more focused as well.

What is more, virtual office is more environmentally friendly than physical office space. Zero commute also means the decrease of carbon dioxide footprint that can help rectify the global warming effect.

More Solid, Professional, Credible Image to Potential Customers

This is especially critical for startups or small business owners who would like to cut costs by still wanting to let their customers know that their businesses are still legitimate.

While searching for reliable and long-term partners or suppliers, large companies might overlook small businesses if they don’t have a professional image. Therefore, a virtual office with a prestigious address will definitely make a huge difference by presenting to your potential customers that you are credible and professional, and worth doing business with.

Other than that, your credibility and professional image can further be catapulted by showing your prominent virtual office address and phone number on a business card or a website. You‘ll be recognised as more approachable and trustworthy with a legit email and phone number provided by a virtual office in Semarang as well.


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Access to Huge Talent Pool

virtual office semarang advantages for businessIf your company has a customer in Semarang but you are unable to find someone in your company to help with any business negotiation, what will you do? That is not an issue if you have a virtual office. Virtual offices allow you to hire employees that come from various backgrounds anywhere around the world, including Semarang.

Other than that, without the typical office space, your business is no longer restricted by the size of your space. You can expand your business easily by hiring more employees with the best talent you need.

Much Lower Costs for Technology and Receptionists

Office technology and full-time receptionists in a physical office require high capital investments and monthly overheads. Thus, it may be uneconomical for your companies if your business is still in the early days.

By using a virtual office in Semarang, employees can have the technology and facilities they need in a virtual office when necessary, i.e, high-speed internet, fully-equipped conference and meeting rooms, etc.

What is more, all emails and calls from the customers will be taken care of by an experienced receptionist included in your virtual office package. Not only will you leave a great impression to your customers, but you will also cut down your initial investments and monthly overheads that can be hefty.

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Virtual Office Solution in Semarang

In Semarang, it’s legally prohibited to make use of a residential address for your business undertaking. Therefore, you must acquire a certificate of domicile and gain a business address before you can start a business.

Cekindo’s virtual office in Semarang are not only located at a favorable business address to attract more customers, it is also well-equipped with all the technology and facilities that will make your everyday’s business activities much easier.

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