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The Importance of Accurate Translation of Legal Documents in Indonesia

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 31 May 2019
  • 4 minute reading time

Translation of legal documents is one of the most demanding processes, even for the most professional legal translators, especially in a country like Indonesia. It requires more than just a law dictionary in Indonesia.

It requires a lot of experience with languages and legal terms, deep knowledge of different legal systems of different countries, and years of practice and study. Not to mention, it also takes up a lot of time to translate legal documents.

The context in legal documents must be accurately translated to a target language, because even a minor error can cause a serious legal issue. Thus, legal translation has no room for mistakes and requires legal translators to do that.

In addition, the sensitive nature and the importance of legal documents means that they should only be translated by experienced linguists or legal specialists.

This article explains why accurate translation of legal documents is so important when you are doing business in Indonesia, and how you can find a competent legal translator, also known as a sworn translator.

Legal translation consists of the translation of texts within legal systems that vary from country to country. These legal documents include contracts, financial documents, witness statements, patents, statutes, and wills.

The process of legal translation deals with many legal terms and issues. Thus, it requires a legal translator mastering both original and target languages, and in-depth experience of legal systems of different countries.

Legal translation is considered a lot more complicated than regular translation. Regular translation only needs straightforward meaning and writing, whereas legal translation needs official legal language that covers a wide variety of legal texts.

The legal language of documents is greatly influenced by the country’s legal system structure and culture. Laws and codes in Indonesia are determined and changing with the nation’s cultural attitudes in mind.

Therefore, the legal contexts are also personalised based on the culture in Indonesia in a way that is localised for people to understand.

It is not strange that when referring to law and regulations of Indonesian, some legal terminology you find might not present in another language such as English. Certain legal concepts can also be coined totally differently in Indonesian. As a result, only a legal translation professional will be able to overcome this challenge to ensure accurate translations between two languages.

Another reason legal translation is so important is that misinterpretation in translation of legal documents can lead to horrible results due to different judgments. This may bring severe negative impact to individuals and even worse to diplomatic relations, and national security.

When you are looking for a legal translator, you need to find one that have sound experience, beyond the knowledge of law dictionary in Indonesia, and is able to deliver quality translations without misinterpretation. These are some of the attributes a legal translator must have:

  • The profile of the legal translator such as qualification, experience, and professional certification
  • In-depth knowledge of legal systems of countries of the translated languages
  • Ability to do thorough research for terminology or legal concepts that are not clear
  • Full awareness of who the target audience is and who might be reading the translated documents
  • Good mastery of both languages with great writing skills
  • Other industry experience is a plus

If you leave your legal documents to professional hands at Cekindo, you should not have any problems. Our team consists of legal experts and certified translators that can handle the translation of your legal documents.

Related to business in Indonesia, our translation services cover, but not limited to, the following:

  • Regulations and decrees
  • Laws
  • Legal agreements and contracts
  • Sales and purchase conditions
  • Commercial license and contracts
  • Protocols and policy
  • Corporate internal regulations
  • Insurance policies


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