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Why is Flexible Working Great for Both Employers and Employees?

In this fast-moving business world, workspace requirements for companies change frequently, including in Indonesia. A traditional office space lease can last between 10 and 15 years, a huge commitment for most business owners in Indonesia, especially if they have just started their entrepreneurial journey.

A flexible office, however, enables a company to have their workspace anywhere around the world for as little as months, or even weeks.

With flexible workspace, they have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade their operation at very short notice. This is when flexible working becomes one of the most talked about subjects recently due to the increasing number of flexi-working workforce globally.

Both flexible working and flexible workspace are expanding aggressively in many countries including Indonesia: flexible workspaces can commonly be seen in major cities and enterprises are incorporating flexible working into their strategies. Not to mention, flexible working has attracted millions of employees across the globe and has shown benefits for both employers and employees.

Here’s why you should adopt flexible working practices in your business.

Benefits of Flexible Working

Better Work-Life Balance

A lot of people spend a significant amount of time commuting to work each day. Combined with working long hours in a cubicle, a conventional work setting can lead to unhappiness.

With flexible working, you can spend more time with family, get some exercise, read a book or even just chill. Happy people always have more time for themselves, family and friends.

Cost Effectiveness

Flexible working is beneficial for both employers and employees. Employers do not have to pay for office space and utilities bills by having remote workforce, and employees can reduce their travel costs.


There are tons of networking opportunities if you are working in a flexible workspace as you will surround yourself with many creative and like-minded people and professionals. You will even meet investors who may fund your business, or a partner who can work with you to grow your brand.

Less Stress and Better Health

Another great advantage of flexible working is improved health of employees. Flexible working helps employees to take better care of themselves as they do not need to be stuck in a traffic jam or trapped in a boring office setting from 9 to 5. An employee with less stress means an employee with better health and more productivity.

A Greener Environment

Flexible working promotes a greener environment because it is shown that decreased employee’s work hours results in reduced carbon footprint.

The major contributors of carbon emissions by employees are their daily commute such as cars, trains and buses.

Therefore, flexible working not only saves you time commuting to work, but also makes sure that you are being responsible to the world that we’re living in.

The greener a company is, the more money and resources it can save. For employers, you can also reduce your real estate and property bill and cut expenses on utilities, office equipment and supplies.

Cekindo’s Office Space Solutions in Indonesia Answer the Need for Flexible Working

Cekindo believes that flexible workspace is a compelling option for various types of business. The flexible office solutions are growing rapidly and companies are looking for a knowledgeable and reliable flexible space service provider.

Cekindo’s office solutions combine the best of what is currently available in the flexible workspace and new approach, delivering it in one offering for you.

You can choose whether to opt for a virtual office, a coworking space or a serviced office in Jakarta, Bali or Semarang.

Our service is further enhanced by expertise in workplace strategies, a wealth of market insight and track record.

Find your next office with Cekindo. Our expert team can provide you with the right advice.

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