Why a PEO is Very Much Needed during COVID-19 Crisis in Indonesia

Why a PEO is Very Much Needed during COVID-19 Crisis in Indonesia

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The COVID-19 crisis led to a very insecure and unpredictable business climate in Indonesia. A crisis can occur at any moment and sometimes can catch you off guard. Therefore, a reliable Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) in Indonesia is critical for moments like these.

Benefits of Using a PEO in Indonesia All Year Long

In general, you can utilise a PEO all year long and a PEO becomes ever more important during a crisis.

The three major benefits that a PEO can offer include the following:

  • Reduced expenses and costs
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity
  • Lowered liability and risks

benefits of peo in indonesia

Benefits of Using a PEO during a Crisis Like COVID-19

The PEO services are time-tested solutions and have immense values and benefits in during the crisis:

1. Fulfill Your Staffing and Recruitment Need

Your staffing needs can always be met with a PEO. During a difficult time like this, you may encounter higher turnover or recruitment freeze but you will still have to keep up with your production demand.

Hence, a PEO can ensure fast and efficient workforce solutions so that there isn’t any downtime and you can come out much stronger from any crisis than your competitors.

A PEO also takes away all your burdens concerning payroll processing, on-boarding compliance, employee visa application, and other HR-related functions.

2. Conform to Legislation and Manage Compliance

Commonly, laws and regulations, government measures and employment terms and conditions change rapidly and constantly during a crisis. As a result, many employers find themselves confused and frustrated trying to keep pace with the overwhelming changes.

These changes not only will affect how your business will operate continuously, but it will also challenge your company’s ability and capacity to conform to the new and amended laws.

Violation of these laws is not something you want for your business as it will bring forth detrimental consequences such as loss of reputation, penalty, and even business shutdown.

An Indonesian PEO has a team of professional HR specialists in-house to help you remain completely in control of changing regulations during a crisis. Plus, you will have more internal resources to take care of things that matter to your business most.

3. Take Care of Immigration Process

Visa applications and immigration processes have always been complex matters for businesses to handle if you don’t have the right tools. They become even more challenging during a crisis like COVID-19 due to the stricter travel regulations in the whole world.

Therefore, you will need to have full preparation for a higher-standard immigration process, as well as deep knowledge and the latest information to ensure a successful visa application.

With an Indonesian PEO, you can hire both local and foreign talent without the hassle of keeping up with the latest regulation updates and going through a complex procedure.

Cekindo as Your PEO in Indonesia

Cekindo has been operating as an Indonesia PEO provider across all public and private sectors in the country for almost a decade.

During this time, businesses in Indonesia have experienced significant human resource management reform and many of them seek better and effective integration of industrial relations into their businesses’ HR design.

Therefore, Cekindo has responded to this demand by expanding our professional consulting services to include a far-reaching range of PEO services.

Whether you are seeking a full PEO solution, a professional HR consultant, or simply make use of certain HR services, Cekindo will work with you to come up with an effective service that aligns with your business requirements.

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