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QR Code in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food Products in Indonesia

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Over the years, technology has been developing so fast. All new technologies are made and designed to make our lives easier, faster and more comfortable. Not only in our lives, technologies have also profoundly impacted the world of business everywhere and Indonesia is no exception. Amazing tools have been created so that we can have useful information at our fingertips, such as QR code. To facilitate the consumer in getting the important information about a product, the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) has implemented the use of QR code on drug, cosmetic and food packaging in Indonesia.

This article discusses QR code and its implementation in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products in Indonesia.

What is QR Code?

A Quick Response (QR) code is traditionally an array of black and white pixelated boxes printed on the packaging or other materials. Its purpose is to allow consumers to get additional information about the product or to engage with the product’s brand owner in some way.

qr code bpom

The Implementation of QR Code in Products in Indonesia

In accordance with BPOM’s regulation on QR Code (2D Barcode) issued in 2018, every product that is produced either domestically or abroad and is circulated in the territory of Indonesia is required to put the BPOM’s QR code on the packaging.


This regulation applies specifically to the following products:
a. Pharmaceutical Products
b. Traditional Medicines
c. Health Supplements
d. Cosmetics
e. Food and Beverages

This BPOM’s QR code can be accessed through the android application: BPOM Mobile.

Some important information that you need to know prior to accessing the application includes the following:

  • BPOM Mobile features

bpom mobile

  • The BPOM’s QR code contains information of:

bpom indonesia qr code

With this QR Code, consumers can receive information of a certain product anywhere at anytime without the need to check it through the BPOM website.

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