Retirement visa in East Java: How to apply

3 Ways to Get a Retirement Visa in East Java

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East Java is a gateway to a relaxed and fulfilling life amidst stunning landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. To enjoy slow living there, consider applying for a retirement visa

Whether you seek serene beaches, lush greenery, or vibrant city life, East Java offers an idyllic setting for retirees to call home. This comprehensive guide walks you through the step-by-step process of obtaining a retirement visa, ensuring your transition to this beautiful province is hassle-free.

Should you retire in East Java?

Choosing the perfect place for retirement is a decision that requires careful consideration. It’s time to envision your desired lifestyle and find a location that aligns with your interests and needs. 

Retirement in East Java offers a unique and fulfilling experience for those seeking a peaceful and vibrant lifestyle in their golden years. East Java will greet you with its pleasant weather, breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and welcoming community. 

Therefore, East Java is ideal for retirees to relax, explore, and immerse themselves in a new chapter in life. A few factors that make East Java particularly perfect are as follows: 

1. Tight-knit community

East Java has a growing population of international citizens who support each other in adjusting and embracing Indonesian culture.

2. Access to healthcare

East Java has adequate professional health services that are available. While several cases may require treatment in bigger cities, hospitals, doctors, pediatricians, and dentists are generally quite accessible.

3. Shopping scene

Malls, local markets, bookstores, and other shopping centers make East Java quite attractive and fun to retire in.  

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Obtaining a retirement visa in East Java 

To obtain a retirement visa in Indonesia, you must engage the services of an Indonesian retirement/travel agency to serve as your sponsor. The Tourism Department and the Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia appoint the designated agencies. 

These agencies are responsible for submitting your application to the Indonesian immigration authorities on your behalf, as you are not permitted to apply independently. These agencies will guide you through the process of obtaining the required documents. 

What are the requirements for a retirement visa?

Retirement visa in East Java: How to apply

While an Indonesian retirement visa, also known as a retirement KITAS, permits an extended stay in the country, it does not grant authorization to engage in employment or generate income. 

As a result, it necessitates supporting evidence, such as a deposit or pension account with annual funds amounting to USD 2,000, along with a bank statement spanning the previous three months. 

In addition to the financial requirements, it is essential to possess life and health insurance coverage, secure a minimum 12-month lease for accommodation, and consider hiring local assistance, such as a helper or maid, once you have settled down. 

It is crucial to remember that Indonesia presently only allows individuals from 60 specific countries to obtain retirement visas. To ascertain your eligibility for a retirement KITAS Indonesia, we recommend contacting consultants at InCorp Indonesia (formerly Cekindo).

The process of applying for a retirement visa in East Java

The process of applying for a retirement visa is often considered tedious. The breakdown of the process is as follows:

Document preparation

To obtain a retirement visa, you will need several documents, such as

  • Copy of all passport pages that are still valid at the very least for the next 18 months and have six blank pages;
  • A letter stating employment as a maid, no current employment, and secured accommodation;
  • A lease agreement, if any, and a copy of the owner’s ID;
  • A bank account indicating sufficient funds for a pension;
  • Formal ID picture with a red background and
  • Sponsor letter. 

The process as a whole takes around two weeks for both review and approval. 

Retrieving a retirement visa 

After receiving the visa, visit the Indonesian embassy with sponsor letters and passports. Make sure to check the embassy requirements and processing times. 

Converting visa to KITAS 

Once you arrive in Indonesia, the visa must be converted into a KITAS. To do this, you must visit the immigration office, where you will provide your fingerprint and photo. 

With the KITAS, you can stay in Indonesia for one year, which can be extended for up to five years. Alongside the KITAS, you will receive a certificate of temporary residency registration, a resort police report, and a police card. To obtain permanent residency, you can apply for a KITAP.

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Whether you’re interested in enjoying the tranquility of Malang, the natural wonders of Batu, or the coastal beauty of the south, East Java offers a range of options for retirees looking to create unforgettable memories and embrace a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Several documents and/or processes must be completed to retire in East Java. By requesting assistance from InCorp Indonesia, matters such as Retirement Visas and KITAP can be easily handled with minimal tension or stress.

InCorp Indonesia provides detailed consultation on the type of visa most appropriate for you. It provides client-oriented services that will be both time and cost-efficient for applicants.

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