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Blog: Company Dissolution

How to Liquidate a Company in Indonesia

It is no secret that Indonesia is one of the most favourite investment destinations for foreigners due to its rapidly growing economy. Sometimes, however, it is very unfortunate that some investors are unable to gain profits from the market and they are forced to encounter company liquidation in Indonesia. Liquidating a company is not equal …

How can a Company Become Dormant in Indonesia?

A dormant company in Indonesia is a company that does not have any accounting transactions or any business activities for a long period of time. Dormant companies are inactive companies in accordance with Indonesian taxation laws and there are quite a lot of them in the country. In other words, dormant companies are not allowed …

Doing Business in Indonesia: What are The Signs Your Business is Failing?

Doing business in Indonesia, especially when you are about to start, has been made easy because of the governmental reform. We have also seen a lot of success business examples. However, the fact is that not every business will be successful in Indonesia. Although no one wants failure for their businesses, entrepreneurs should always be …

An In-Depth Look to Dissolving a Company in Indonesia

Indonesia with its growing economy and a huge market is literary an archipelago of opportunities. Launching a new product, investing in one of the promising industries or doing business in import/export could be highly profitable under the condition that all the prerequisites are met. …

A Guide to How to Close a Company in Indonesia

Although Indonesia is a conducive place for investment and establishing a company, in terms of markets, resources, and investment climate, some companies are not fortunate enough to reap good profits and run their businesses smoothly in this country. This may lead to some wondering how to close a company in Indonesia. Therefore, closing or dissolving …