A Seamless Way to Obtain A Work Permit in Indonesia

Work Permit Indonesia: When Will You Need One?

If you plan on staying and working long-term in Indonesia, a work permit is the only document that grants you to do so legally. Keep in mind that the bureaucratic process to obtain a work permit in Indonesia is quite complicated. It involves multiple government agencies such as the immigration office and the Ministry of Manpower.

Those unfamiliar with Indonesian visa applications should seek assistance from an experienced visa agent for peace of mind.

Work Permit Indonesia: Who Can Get One?

As the only document allowing foreigners to generate income in Indonesia, the authorities have laid strict requirements for obtaining an Indonesian work permit.

For instance, foreigners who wish to work in Indonesia must meet the educational requirements and qualifications for specific positions, have competency certificates, and transfer their knowledge and skills to their local counterparts. Contact us for more details regarding Indonesian work permit requirements.

Indonesia Work Permit: RPTKA Approval and KITAS

The Indonesian government issues your work permit based on the document called Foreign Worker Utilization Plan or RPTKA Approval, filed by your sponsor, or in this case, your employer. Once the Ministry of Manpower approves your RPTKA, the authorities will grant a limited stay visa that serves as the basis for Immigration Office to issue your limited stay permit or KITAS. With a KITAS in Indonesia, you can stay in Indonesia for between one and 12 months, depending on which work visa or working permit you have obtained.

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Indonesia KITAS and Work Permit Application With Cekindo

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