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Set up a local nominee company in Indonesia

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Why it is now more convenient to set up a local nominee company in Indonesia? How to do it?

Use Cekindo package for Local nominee company service in Indonesia. At the beginning of this year came new regulation affected all foreign companies which until now do not have a business license. Regarding to new regulation, all these foreign companies will need to full fill an additional requirement in form of financial audit otherwise they can not apply for a permanent business license and also other connected licenses (import license, etc.) which are critical for a lot of companies.

This new regulation wants to ensure that all foreign investors realized their investment plan and not only submitted an investment plan to Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) just only on paper, which often happened in the past.

Another fact is that also submission of Investment plan itself for current company registration at BKPM is subjected to more deep control at BKPM and a lot of applications were rejected or requested for revision. Since before were only rarely some applications reject, this is a very significant sign for foreign investors that they should be ready to provide more details for investment plan preparation and also to invest USD 1 million in Indonesia to be able to apply for a permanent business license and other related licenses in the future.

Currently, each Investor has the three general options to set up a company in Indonesia:

1) Set up Foreign Limited Liability Company, with minimum requested capital above USD 1 million (equivalent for IDR 10 billion)

2) Set up a representative office, with no minimum requested capital and 100% ownership, however with limited business activities (can only conduct activities that generate no profits)

3) Set up a local nominee company, by using local nominee and without the filing requirements for foreign company

More about differences above mentioned options, please read here.


Cekindo can provide you with a company set up for all of the above-mentioned options include a full package for local nominee company to ensure you that you will have your local company under full control.

Cekindo full package for Local nominee company include:

  1. The complete cost of local company registration (include office address)
  2. Business License
  3. 2 local shareholder nominees, include due diligence about the nominee
  4. 1 local commissioner nominee, include due diligence about the nominee
  5. A full package of agreements for nominees to ensure your business is running safe and legally based on Indonesian regulations

More detailed explanation about each of nominee agreement, please read here.


  • The price includes nominee service and virtual office address for the first year.
  • If you do not have own Local Director, Cekindo provides temporary Local Director nominee during the company registration process (max 6 months), with additional fee USD 1500, includes company document revision to change Local Director nominee (after company established).
  • In case you do not have a working office yet, Cekindo can provide you with a serviced office for 1 workstation, with discount 15% per year.
  • The local nominee fee for the second year onwards is USD 3,000 per year, includes 2 local shareholders and 1 local commissioner


More about how to safely use local nominee in Indonesia, please read here.

Our full package includes everything you need to operate a business in Indonesia without the filing requirements for foreign company and as the local company will give you flexibility without business field limitations.

You can also request only some part of our package if you have own local nominee, director or commissioner.

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