What are the Benefits of A Coworking Space when Doing Business in Semarang?

Visitors of a coworking space in Semarang can enjoy benefits such as getting valuable contacts, finding partners and generating new ideas. Get to know more.

When you think of the coworking space scene in Indonesia, places like Jakarta and Bali may come to mind, but Semarang is another city with coworking space on the rise.

With start-ups that have grown substantially in the past few years in Semarang, the demand of coworking space is unstoppable, especially when taking into consideration the abundant and young talent pool in Semarang, low operational costs, and high Internet penetration.

The coworking space in Semarang provides entrepreneurs with a low-cost, high-volume work environment that creates an ecological environment that is easier for them to work and communicate.

The benefit of a coworking space is not just about the cheap rental fee anymore. For more unexpected benefits of coworking space in Semarang, please read this article prepared by Cekindo.

What is a Coworking Space

The concept of coworking space originated in the United States as the first common coworking space was established in San Francisco.

The coworking space provides space for people to work together but individually as well. The coworking space is considered as one of the best options for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, who do not need to spend money on office rentals and can separate their private lives from their careers.

The coworking space is actually similar to business centres that you might have known before, but there are some major differences. Hotels and airports have provided business centres for business travellers to pay for, and such business centres have been independently opened in commercial areas, providing small offices and shared meeting rooms, shared office equipment, etc.

However, the main idea of a coworking space is to share the place together. That’s why you can often come across its other name ‘shared workspace’.

Semarang’s Business Environment

A few years ago, Semarang was mocked due to its lacking infrastructure and low business activities. In 2019, we can surely say that Semarang overcame expectations of both investors and its citizens and became a role model for other Indonesian cities.

To continue its growth and attract more foreign investors, last year the government of Semarang implemented around 146 e-government systems whose purpose is to simplify business related processes in the city.

Thanks to this government initiative and other projects, its mayor obtained an award for the most Pro-Investment City in Central Java in November 2018.

Benefits of a Coworking Space in Semarang

Networking and Creating Opportunities

Even if you are working from home in Semarang, it is critical to building a network and community outside your home. Coworking space allows you to have a community while being able to work independently as an entrepreneur.

Since many entrepreneurs lack sufficient funds for office rent, coworking spaces become a platform for gathering entrepreneurs from different business fields and backgrounds. There might be someone who has a background in accounting, law, marketing — the one you were just looking for. Without even having to seek it anywhere, you are able to find your first lawyer, a business consultant, a PR firm and definitely your first batch of customers.

Generating Ideas and Inspirations

Through communication and interaction with entrepreneurs in the coworking space in Indonesia, different inspirations and ideas can be stimulated. This is also one of its charms.

It does not only give business people more face-to-face time together with inspiration, but it also allows you to grow the business simultaneously through networking.

Forging Partnerships and Events

Coworking spaces in Semarang have moved beyond real estate benefits. They also benefit entrepreneurs by partnering with a variety of companies or organising events.

These events are not only sources of knowledge but social activities that enable their participants to meet with industry experts. Not to mention, startups will even be able to work with these industry giants with possible discount and credit.

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In Conclusion

Just like any community, the ideal environment of coworking spaces in Semarang will need your active participation as well in order to achieve successful results. The more active you are, the more you can reap the benefits of this ecosystem. Therefore as an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to show up and have meaningful discussions with your potential customers or partners.

Cekindo can provide all the added benefits of a coworking space to business people in Semarang. These benefits, together with your efforts, will make your business stand out from the crowd with little startup costs. For more information about a coworking space in Semarang, please contact Cekindo and we will be able to assist you right away.

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