Call Center Outsourcing Indonesia for Effectiveness: A Guide

How to Train Your Call Center Agents in Indonesia Effectively

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 23 November 2020
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Call center outsourcing in Indonesia has become a ubiquitous practice for many businesses across the country. Call center agents can deal with all kinds of customer service issues.

Gone are the days when enterprises used to handle customer service in-house and since the 90s, they started outsourcing to save time and money. This is because an in-house call center requires a lot of competent staff, space, adequate training, time, and money.

Another reason call center outsourcing is employers’ preferred solution instead of building their in-house call center team is that a bad customer service team from a call center can ultimately ruin a company’s business performance.

On the other hand, well-trained, and professional call center agents can enhance customer satisfaction, brand image, and customer loyalty, especially when you are running a newly established business.

Ways to Train Call Center Agents Effectively

Training call center agents is much more complex than having phones on work desks and hiring someone to answer them. The training can eventually transform your call center into a valuable company asset.

Here are some ways to perform your call center training effectively so that you can create more satisfied and happier customers.

1. Explain the Importance of Schedule Adherence

Whether your employee adheres to the call center schedule can have an impact on your customer service. Therefore, make sure you convey the importance of schedule adherence and how it will affect business performance when you train your new hires. This is how you can ensure the highest customer service level.

2. Give Your Call Center Agents the Right Tools

Empowering your employees and making sure that they have the proper tools to deal with their daily work and challenges is also key to call center success.

Adequate tools enable call center agents to have an immediate and single call resolution that will boost customer service experience and satisfaction. Do invest in relevant technologies to enhance the call center performance.

3. Provide Real-Time and Practical Training

New call center employees should practice their ability to handle calls already during their induction training. With these real-time practices, only new hires will realise their issues early on and be able to fine-tune their approaches to counteract the challenges.

Thus, employers must always make actual call handling sessions the training priority, and record all training calls for future improvement purposes.

4. Transform Customer Feedback to Useful Training Guide

The main goal of a call center is to resolve customers’ queries and that’s why customer feedback is extremely important for call center agents training. Employers should use customer feedback and complaints as a vital mechanism to revise and better training procedures and the overall system.

5. Encourage Employees to Build Connection with Customers

A company can augment their customer service experience positively by connecting with their customers. Hence, call center agents should work on their message content, voice, and tone to communicate effectively with the customer.

Once customers feel that the agent is friendly, helpful, and easy to talk to, a stronger connection between the customer and the business forms. Through this business-customer connection, a company can boost its customer satisfaction and retention substantially.

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