Indonesia Business Setup: Are Shareholders Required?

Does Every Company Setup in Indonesia Require Shareholders?

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Not only should every entrepreneur have the fortitude and energy to start a new venture through a business setup in Indonesia, but they should also meticulously consider several factors and be constantly informed to pursue a business idea.

With the right information, only you can spin your brilliant idea into an enterprise that will eventually bring you sustainable profit. You will first have to consider the type of legal entity for your business, and the requirement of the shareholder for each entity.

Conditions when Shareholders are Required

How many shareholders do you need for company incorporation in Indonesia? It depends on the business structure that you choose.

A foreign-owned company, or a PT PMA, is one of the legal entities in Indonesia that require shareholders.

So if you plan to start a PT PMA in the country, you will need at least two shareholders. Your PT PMA’s shareholders can be corporate entities, individuals (locals or foreigners), or a combination of both.

If your PT PMA is fully owned by foreign nationals, the foreign owners must sell a minimum of 5% shares to an Indonesian citizen or an Indonesian legal entity in the country.

Furthermore, a public company has the most rigorous requirement compared to the PT and PMA: it needs at least 300 shareholders.

Conditions when Shareholders are Not Required

The shareholder requirement in terms of its number does not apply to every entity in Indonesia.

If you are running a business with sole proprietorships or civil partnerships, you don’t need any shareholders.

Business owners set up a sole proprietorship to have full control of the company and prevent others from owning the company’s shares. As a result, shareholders are not necessary for this type of structure.

Civil partnerships can be divided into limited partnerships (CVs) and firms. Both of them do not need any shareholders either. Partners who are in a civil partnership have their own active or passive roles to play in the company and that’s why shareholders are not required.

Business Setup in Indonesia: Differences between PT and PT PMA

Here are some important distinctions between PT and PT PMA you should be familiar with before deciding to incorporate your company in Indonesia.

Local-owned Company (PT)

Here are the main characteristics of a PT in Indonesia:

  • Only an Indonesian citizen can own a PT. A foreigner can only start a PT through a Special Purpose Agreement in Indonesia
  • Local ownership: 100%
  • Foreigners choose PT when certain sectors are not open for foreign investments
  • Minimum capital investment: between IDR 600 million and IDR 10 billion (depending on the company size)
  • According to the latest changes laid out in  Job Creation Law, the classification of Local PT in Indonesia based on paid-up capital as follows:
    1. A micro-enterprise: less than IDR 1 billion
    2. A small enterprise: IDR 1 – 5 billion
    3. A medium enterprise: IDR 5-10 billion
    4. A large enterprise: more than IDR 10 billion


Foreign-Owned Company (PT PMA)

A foreign-owned company in Indonesia has the following distinctions compared to a PT:

  • Permission for foreigners to be the shareholders but it may require a local shareholder
  • Maximum foreign ownership: 100%
  • The percentage of foreign ownership allowance is based on the business classification under the latest BKPM’s Negative Investment List
  • Minimum investment plan: IDR 10 billion
  • Minimum paid-up capital: IDR 10 billion
  • It can sponsor foreign employees
  • Required to submit monthly investment activity report and tax reports

How Cekindo can Assist with Business Setup in Indonesia

These are several important steps that you will need to take if you are considering company incorporation in Indonesia.

It is prudent to partner with a professional provider with local expertise to ensure your business complies with every step of your business venture.

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