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Customers of Coworking Space in Bali & Why Work Here

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 10 January 2020
  • 4 minute reading time

The demand of coworking space has increased in Bali as the decision to work alongside like-minded people with the maximum flexibility is both rewarding and satisfying.

Coworking space is an excellent alternative to working at your own office or from home. This type of workspace has also become important as it offers many perks and a creative environment full of aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs from all industries across the globe.

For most businesses, coworking spaces are no longer a buzzword and definitely will not be a passing trend. This significant rise in the popularity of the coworking space in Bali is mostly fueled by the surging startups and digital nomads who are becoming members of this ever-growing trend. It is true that coworking spaces are here to stay.

Below are some of the reasons why coworking space is important and why you should consider joining now to help your business succeed.

Coworking Space in Bali: Reasons to Join Other Coworkers

coworking space bali

The Source of Your Startup Capital

Having a shared space allows you to make a connection with potential venture capitalists or investors who may want to fund your startup.

On the other hand, if you are working in a private office, it is not possible to surround yourself with so many professionals in one room and no one would know about your business either.

Hot Desking

In the world of coworking spaces, hot desking means entrepreneurs or employees work anywhere across the globe and are not restricted by the geographical location. As such, you can enjoy the power of flexibility by deciding where and when you want to work.

Therefore, not only will you have the ability to achieve work-life balance, but you will also not feel bored from working in the same location again and again.

Freelancing Talent Pool

It is so common to see freelancers and digital nomads in coworking spaces in Bali. They constantly move from one place to another and seek coworking spaces that fit their lifestyle.

It is a win-win situation for both businesses and freelancers working in a coworking space. For freelancers, it’s highly possible for them to get a full-time job easily as they are sharing a workspace with other businesses as well. For growing businesses, they are also in need of vibrant and creative freelancers to work long-term with them.

Cost Efficiency

Office space can sometimes be crazily expensive especially in central locations in Bali. Working at a coworking space is not only extremely affordable, but it also gives you the flexibility to upscale or downscale your business without having to sink a huge amount of money into a long-term lease agreement.

Coworking Space for Networking

What makes a coworking space outstanding is because you get a sense of community and are able to get to know many people from all backgrounds and industries. These high-achieving and goal-oriented people may include potential investors and venture capitalists that can fund and grow your business.

Investors and venture capitalists hang out in coworking spaces are what make this workspace concept amazingly wonderful because they offer startup owners easy money to grow. In a coworking space, you never know who you will encounter to help you move your business forward.

Cekindo’s Coworking Space in Bali

Cekindo’s coworking space in Bali is thoughtfully designed for rising entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and all sorts of business.

Our coworking space is more than a workspace. It is a community within a collaborative ecosystem where you and other individuals flourish through experience and ideas sharing.

Nestled in the centre and prominent area of Bali, Cekindo’s coworking space can help individuals and businesses achieve greater results.

Join us today by visiting our coworking space directly to book your space. Or, you can request further information by filling in the form below.

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