Have You Been Making These 5 Hiring Mistakes in Indonesia?

Have You Been Making These 5 Hiring Mistakes in Indonesia?

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Hiring in Indonesia can be complex and exhausting. When you are assessing the applicants, they are also evaluating you and your company.

Successful hiring is more complicated than just choosing the right people. It is also about attracting and retaining the best talents.

Here are the 5 hiring mistakes that are commonly found in Indonesia and how you can resolve them.

5 Hiring Mistakes in Indonesia

hiring mistakes in indonesia1. Not Attracting the Right Talent

Obtaining the right talent is very important for every business but it is also often very challenging. Especially when you don’t have the resources.

Furthermore, if your company doesn’t reflect the right image or describe the job scopes accurately, candidates will not come to you.

Therefore, you may consider using recruitment outsourcing to enhance the effectiveness of your hiring in Indonesia.

A recruitment outsourcing company will make use of the updated recruiting technology to help you write effective job descriptions.

An applicant tracking system is also available to help organise your potential hires’ information to assist you and recruiters in evaluation.

2. Making the Recruitment Process Longer than Necessary

On average, human resource personnel wastes about 14 hours per week on manual tasks. 14 hours is a huge amount of time for both employers and employees.

Time is precious and applicants can’t afford to wait for a long process. The candidates may have already joined another company when you are ready to interview them.

Using recruitment outsourcing can help you prevent this kind of issue. A recruitment outsourcing expert will make the recruitment process much shorter with process automation. Interview scheduling, appointment confirmation, and background check are all part of the process automation.

3. Employing Foreigners Without Valid Work Permits

You will break the Indonesian Immigration Law if you hire foreign employees without a work permit. The fine of not having a work permit is as high as USD34,000 (IDR 500 million) and at least 5 years imprisonment.

Need A Guide How to Obtain Work Permit in Indonesia? Learn More Here

The solution is to apply for a work and stay visa, or KITAS/ITAS work visa through a reputable visa consultant.

A KITAS/ITAS work visa valid for 6 months or a maximum of 12 months. Under the employer’s sponsorship, renewal is possible and foreigners holding KITAS/ITAS can work and stay in Indonesia for 5 years.

4. Ignoring the Importance of Checking References

Sometimes a candidate may not be who they say they are on a resume. When you think that someone is too good to be true, you are probably right.

Therefore, not checking references of candidates is the major hiring mistakes that many employers make. Some deceitful candidates may cheat on the paper, and some may only do good academically but not practically.

So starting your recruitment process by doing an employee background check is already half the battle. Not just randomly, but every single one of them. This allows you to make the best choice possible.

5. Hiring Employees Without Contracts

Employment contracts are key to the success of hiring in Indonesia.

However, a lot of organisations still hire their employees without any form of a written contract.

Even a verbal contract can be detrimental to your business in the future, if not now. If you don’t want any future legal complication or dispute, an employment contract is a must.

Be sure to consult an HR specialist or engage in a recruitment outsourcing expert to make sure that you have every criterion included in the contract.

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