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How to Choose the Right Type of Visa in Indonesia

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 14 January 2014
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Are you coming to Indonesia and wondering which visa is right for you? Like other countries, you need a valid visa to visit Indonesia. Depending upon your purpose of visit, there are various types of visas in Indonesia. Here are several types, which Cekindo frequently arranges for business visitors.

1. Indonesia Business Visa

If you are visiting Indonesia for a business purpose, such as conducting business discussions, attending conferences, training, etc. you apply for Business Visa. The applicant must have a sponsorship from an Indonesian company.

If you don’t have a sponsor yet, Cekindo can provide you with visa sponsorship.  Please note that a Business Visa does not allow you to earn money and take up employment in Indonesia. There are two types of Business Visas in Indonesia:

1.1. Single Entry Business Visa

A Single Entry Business Visa is valid for 60 days initially and can be extended up to four times. You need to arrange visa extensions at the immigration office in advance of the expiration date.

The total validity of a Single Entry Business Visa is 180 days at most. As the name implies, a Single Entry Business Visa expires once you leave Indonesian territory.

1.2. Multiple Entry Business Visa

A Multiple Entry Business Visa enables you to make a repeated business visit to Indonesia. The total validity of a Multiple Entry Business Visa is 1 year.

It also has a 60-day stay permit upon every arrival and cannot be extended for more than 60 days per stay period. Thus, you must exit Indonesian territory on the 60th day at the latest, and then you are allowed to enter Indonesia again.

2. Limited Stay Visa (KITAS/ITAS)

If you intend to stay in Indonesia for a certain period of time, you should apply for a Limited Stay Visa (KITAS/ITAS). Generally, the maximum validity of a KITAS/ITAS is for 1 year and is extendable. There are various types of KITAS/ITAS, depending upon the purpose and conditions of your stay in Indonesia. Below are the most common types:

2.1. KITAS/ITAS – Work Visa

Working in Indonesia as a foreign resident requires a Work Visa/Permit, which involves sponsorship from an Indonesian company. The maximum validity of a KITAS/ITAS – Work Visa is 1 year and is extendable up to 5 times (sponsorship must be the name).

For a KITAS/ITAS – Work Visa, you must arrange for an RPTKA (Work Permit) and are required to pay DPKK (Expertise Skill Development Fund) for around US$1,200 for 1 year to the Ministry of Labor.

If you exit Indonesia and return to Indonesia, you must arrange for an “Exit Re-entry Permit” before departure.

2.2. KITAS/ITAS – Married with Indonesian Spouse

If you (as the foreign spouse) have legally married an Indonesian husband or wife and prefer to stay in Indonesia, you are eligible to obtain a KITAS/ITAS – Married with an Indonesian Spouse. Your KITAS will be sponsored by your Indonesian spouse.

Once you have the KITAS/ITAS – Married with Indonesian Spouse, your children under age 18 will be able to enter Indonesia.

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3. Permanent Stay Visa (KITAP)

After 5 years, KITAS holders are eligible to apply for a Permanent Stay Visa (KITAP). It is valid for a total of 25 years and must be revalidated every 5 years. Only a retired person does not require a KITAS to apply for a KITAP.

The local immigration office determines how each KITAP is granted. The visa conversion is initiated with a formal letter to immigration requesting conversion at the same time when the KITAS is renewed.

4. Indonesia Retirement Visa

If you are retired or are a senior citizen at least 55 years old and you intend to stay in Indonesia longer than 60 days, a Retirement Visa will be suitable. A Retirement Visa is valid for 1 year and can be extended up to 5 times, is subject to immigration approval.

Please note that a Retirement Visa is treated like a Limited Stay Visa, which means that you must have an Indonesian sponsor to seek authorization from Indonesian immigration prior to applying for the visa at the Embassy/Consulate General in your country.

Visa Application in Indonesia with Cekindo

In addition to the above visas, there are more types according to the purpose of your visit, such as Tourist Visa, Socio-Culture Visa, Student Visa, Family Reunion Visa, Visa for Professional, such as Artist, Investor, etc.

For further information, feel free to contact Cekindo. With our experienced team, we are ready to assist you in securing your visa or work permit!

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Frequent Asked Questions

The sponsor must be a company for single and multiple-entry businesses and working visas. The sponsor company is the legal entity that invites you to a business meeting or the business you will be working for. Regarding social-cultural and retirement visas and KITAS & KITAP stay permits, the sponsor must either be an Indonesian legal entity or a citizen. If you need a visa sponsor, InCorp provides sponsorship via HR Outsourcing and manages payroll for your foreign employee.