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How can Employer of Record in Indonesia Help Your Company Achieve Its Goals?

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The need for business process outsourcing (BPO) in Indonesia, especially HR outsourcing which is also known as Employer of Record (EoR) becomes more and more evident.

Today, globalization and modern industrialization have led to more complex human resource operations anywhere in the world, including in Indonesia.

As a result, more enterprises aim for cost-effective operations due to the increasing pressure to cut costs, increase revenue, exceed customer expectations, and keep pace with the technology advancement.

If HR best practices are not put on the priority list, HR responsibilities can impede any company, leading to underperformance, costly employee turnover, and non-compliance issues.

HR outsourcing is not something new and many organizations are now relying on HR outsourcing providers for their non-core business functions.

In this article, we will shed some light on how BPO – HR outsourcing in Indonesia helps your company achieve its goals.

What can BPO in Indonesia, especially HR outsourcing/Employer of Record, do to support the company in achieving its goals?


A company can only grow when its employees are improving constantly.

The employer needs to ensure that periodic training and development are conducted by an HR specialist who is highly experienced and knowledgeable.

These training sessions not only motivate employees to improve their weaknesses and perform better, in turn helping them to be more satisfied at work.

Higher employee satisfaction also means higher employee retention. A high turnover rate is all too common now in this era and is considered one of the most challenging HR issues that organizations have to deal with.

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Recruitment and Hiring

A great company requires great employees.

HR outsourcing is able to help you attract top talent with the required skill set to be part of your growing team.

Recruitment is more than just hiring a person now.

A professional HR team will know how to make use of the most up-to-date and effective HR methodologies and technologies to deal with recruitment advertising, application review, interview process, background checks, and other time-consuming HR functions.

Your business is more likely to succeed with a highly qualified team that fits your company culture.

Organization and Compliance

An employee may be able to handle a lot of HR tasks, but they may not have the know-how or time to keep all HR functions organized and complied with laws.

On the other hand, HR outsourcing is able to set goals and navigates HR policies and strategies from time to time to help a company achieve greater growth and seize opportunities.

Furthermore, they review the HR process and its legal compliance to avoid mistakes that could lead to financial penalties and other serious litigation.

Salaries, Compensations, and Benefits

Employee’s payroll, compensation, and other benefits are all handled by the HR team.

Not only that a proper payroll plan and management is crucial for employee’s recognition and satisfaction, but it is also important when it comes to legal compliance to the tax and labor law in Indonesia.

A high-quality HR outsourcing provider will have the in-depth knowledge and required accounting technology to help you achieve the greatest payroll operation and mitigate risks.

In Summation

You need to consider HR outsourcing for your organization for the following reasons:

  • You don’t have to worry about recruiting top talent.
  • You don’t have to invest in expensive HR technology and training courses.
  • Your employees can now focus on core business functions to increase business performance.
  • The additional time and money saved with HR outsourcing can be applied to your employees’ productivity and other important business activities.
  • You get expert’s consultation and advice from the HR specialist to come up with strategies that align with your company’s goals

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Cekindo as Your BPO Provider in Indonesia

Cekindo provides professional BPO services, including HR outsourcing solutions, in Indonesia to enhance your business productivity and boost your bottom line.

With our extensive HR expertise and network across the country, Cekindo is able to help you with, but not limited to:

  • HR recruitment
  • HR policies establishment
  • Payroll, benefits, and compensation development
  • Tax filing and reporting
  • Training


To discover more information about how partnering with Cekindo can help your business in Indonesia, submit your inquiry now by filling in the form below.

You are also welcome to visit one of our offices in Jakarta, Bali, and Semarang.

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