Accounting Services in Indonesia: Why Invest in Bookkeepers

Why Your Business in Indonesia should Invest in Bookkeepers

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 1 December 2020
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If you are a business owner, you will know that investing in accounting services, especially bookkeepers can be very beneficial for your business’ bottom line and long-term growth in Indonesia. Bookkeepers are those people who handle all your daily financial records and ensure that you have the most precise and balanced books.

This is why bookkeepers are always a great investment for your business regardless of your business sector, size, and type. Here are some more reasons to confirm the statement:

Benefits of Investing in Bookkeepers (Accounting Services) in Indonesia

1. They Have Field Expertise

Business owners don’t usually understand various accounting and tax legislation around the world. Even if they do, they do not have the expertise to know how to navigate the complicated and constantly-changing laws.

Also, little do they know that these rules and regulations can significantly impact their business negatively if bookkeeping and accounting are not dealt with properly.

Therefore, let the bookkeepers do what they do best. They can provide all the important financial information about your company based on your business circumstances.

2. They can Save You a Lot of Time

Time is the most precious resource. Without a professional bookkeeper, you will spend all your time dealing with your books and no time for growing your business.

3. They Prevent Errors and Mistakes

Bookkeepers are highly experienced and specialists in their field. Unlike regular employees, they are extremely meticulous and do not make mistakes and errors that will jeopardise the business. They will also detect both minor and major errors of data entry and fix them immediately before it is too late.

Accurate and quality books also mean that all your invoices are sent, no overdue bills and your taxes can be reported on-time and maximise the tax benefits.

Why You Should not Build an Internal Bookkeeping Team

Building an internal bookkeeping team may seem like a good idea at first. However, when you think deeper, an internal bookkeeping team may be more costly in the long run. Worse, the results may sometimes be less worthwhile.

In this section, we lay out some of the reasons you should not build an internal bookkeeping team:

1. Recruitment and Hiring Costs are High

Having an internal bookkeeping and accounting team signifies that you are responsible to fork out full-time salary to your staff every month – even when there is non-tax season and there is less work for your team.

Other than that, finding a qualified person to do this highly-specialised task can be challenging. If you, unfortunately, get someone who can only do a subpar job, all the money and time you have put onto this particular worker can just go down the drain.

With all these disadvantages that we have just discussed, the most optimal solution is to have outsourced bookkeepers and accountants. Hence, you can entirely forgo the hiring of full-time employees for these professional functions and have the total freedom of scalability.

2. Overhead and Training are Expensive

Every business wants to be cost-effective so that they can profit. However, setting up an internal team of accountants and bookkeepers can be less cost-efficient compared to resorting to bookkeeping and accounting services in Indonesia.

This is because when getting a full-time employee on board to your team, there are many expenses you have to think through: social and health insurance, training, monthly salary, sick days and benefits, annual leaves, and paid leaves.

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