5 Tips for Selecting Property Management Company in Bali

How to Choose the Right Property Management in Bali

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Managing a property in Bali from afar can be challenging. Therefore, opting for a property management company can handle tasks like finding tenants and addressing maintenance issues more easily. 

With so many options in Bali, choosing the right company takes time and effort. Check out our essential tips for selecting the best services.

Property Management: Definition and Responsibilities

A property manager is someone who got hired by the owner for operational matters. A property manager oversees the daily tasks of managing a real estate investment. 

The responsibility of a property manager can include tasks such as collecting rent from tenants and responding to maintenance requests. It also can be added to find new tenants for vacant units and create a property budget.

The size and complexity of your property will determine whether you need to hire an individual or a team of professionals from a management company to assist you.

Who Are The Property Managers

Property managers will act as a local presence for out-of-town owners. Their role is to ensure that the properties they manage are well-maintained, tenants are happy, and the property owner’s investment is protected. 

They are also experts in local laws and regulations, which helps to avoid potential legal issues.

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Why Opting for The Right Property Management in Bali is Important

5 Tips for Selecting Property Management Company in Bali

Owning real estate in Bali can be profitable due to its popularity with tourists. However, foreign property ownership might hassle you, especially from the legal and administrative requirements and potential risks. 

A good property management company can help reduce those risks and ensure profitability. Keeping up with market changes can also improve your investing approach.


A property manager will help you save money by selecting the best renters, handling all property owner-tenant interactions, and finding eligible replacement tenants as soon as possible. This is important to reduce revenue loss caused by vacancies. 

A property manager needs to have experience in finding and screening potential tenants, ensuring that the tenants are reliable and will take care of the property. 

Regulatory and Compliance Awareness

Property managers should know the law, especially about renting property. It ensures property owners follow local, state, and federal regulations on tenant selection and eviction discrimination. 

Bali properties must be subject to Indonesian national and regional laws constantly changing. Aside from acquiring assistance from rental property management, property owners can also contact InCorp Indonesia (formerly Cekindo) for land and property ownership services to ensure comprehensive regulatory compliance. 


Hiring a property manager could free up time to find additional investment properties to purchase. In addition, a property manager can handle all the day-to-day tasks of managing rental properties, such as maintenance, rent collection, and tenant communication. 

By outsourcing these responsibilities, owners can focus on finding new ways to expand their portfolios by acquiring more properties in Bali to profit from. 

Expertise in Property Management 

A property manager knows which vendors to call for different types of repairs or services. It can save property owners time and effort while ensuring their properties are well-maintained. 

Property managers must oversee all maintenance projects to ensure the work is on time and within budget. In addition, considering the language barrier, it is essential for foreign investors who may need help finding vendors and maintaining a relationship with them. 

Tips on Choosing The Best Property Management in Bali

Managing a property in Bali can be challenging, but a trusted property management company can make it easier. However, selecting the right one from many options can take time and effort. Here are a few tips for choosing the best property management in Bali.

1. Prioritize Experience

When choosing a property management company in Bali, it is important to consider their experience in managing properties in the local market. An experienced company can provide valuable insights and help you overcome any challenges.

2. Check References

Requesting references from other property owners who have worked with the management company can give you a better understanding of their reputation and level of satisfaction with their services. 

3. Evaluate Their Services

Different property management companies offer various services, so choosing a company that can meet your specific needs, such as tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, and marketing, is essential. 

4. Compare Fees

Property management fees vary significantly between companies, so comparing prices is essential. While selecting the most affordable option may seem prudent, you must also consider the level of service quality provided. 

5. Ask About Tenant Screening

It is vital to have dependable tenants who pay rent punctually to guarantee the occupancy of your property. Therefore, it is important to ask the property management company about their tenant screening process and how they ensure tenant reliability. 

6. Look for Transparency

Choose a property management company that provides clear and transparent accounting and reporting. It will allow you to monitor the financial performance of your property and ensure that everything is appropriately managed. 

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In conclusion, choosing the right property management company in Bali is crucial for property owners to ensure the efficient and effective management of their investments in Indonesia. 

Consider factors such as experience, references, services offered, communication, fees, tenant screening process, and transparency to make an informed decision. 

With the right property management company, property owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing their investments are in good hands.

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