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Why the Majority of Companies Seek Collaboration with A Recruitment Partner in Indonesia

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Companies in Indonesia used to be operated in isolation by doing everything in-house, including recruitment.

Today, running all things internally could be a way to business failure. Businesses nowadays are partnering with the right external recruiter to collaborate and successfully transform talent acquisition approach.

Furthermore, a recruiter partner can deliver measurable results efficiently with the best cost control.

Recruitment requirements are different in every company.

Therefore, an external recruitment professional can meet all the hiring needs seamlessly – implementing hiring strategies including policies and practices that optimise your employer brand. With that, you do not have to feel pressure from doing everything yourself and can concentrate on the most important part of your business.

Today, we are here to tell you why the majority of companies seek collaboration with a recruitment partner in Indonesia.

Reasons to Collaborate with a Recruitment Partner in Indonesia

Diverse Talent Pool

A recruitment partner can provide you with the resources you need any time of the year.

Having a big network of talents and skilled professionals are the reasons a recruitment partner can fulfill your hiring requirements efficiently and quickly.

Therefore, when you are in need of someone to fill up a position at a very short notice, the external recruitment professional is able to obtain the suitable candidate with the right skill sets.

Flexibility and Scalability

Your in-house team may never be the adequate size for the entire year due to the different hiring peaks.

Getting the right recruitment expertise to work internally for your company is already hard enough, keeping them through the low-peak seasons is even harder and can be costly.

With a recruitment provider, however, you can attract through the year to meet the shifting demand and fluid market.

Plus, you will save a lot of money without having to hire a full-time recruitment team during the slow periods.

Great Expertise and Technology

Recruitment partners are specialised in providing staffing services to all types of industries.

Therefore, they have all the latest tools and expertise throughout the entire recruitment process including sourcing, engaging, assessing and onboarding.

They create custom methodologies to optimise your candidate quality, experience and retention rates.

Cost Reduction

Every business is constantly looking for ways to minimise hiring costs, while still being able to increase efficiency and recruit the best talent.

A recruitment partner is able to deliver cost-effective services to get rid of the need of setting an expensive in-house recruitment team.

Dedicated Recruitment Functions

We all know that the recruitment process has become more and more complicated. In addition to the hiring functions, an in-house HR department may find themselves responsible for taking care of other responsibilities. This can often be exhausting and distracting for the HR team which can lower their productivity significantly.

The right recruitment partner enables your team to focus on main strategic initiatives when your internal resources are limited.

It is time to hand your recruitment needs to skilled experts who are dedicated to the recruitment functions.

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Reasons to Partner with Cekindo

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We work tirelessly to make sure that we have approached the best candidates and hired them for the required positions in your company, driving your business in full force.

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